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ESL Jobs Hanoi – how to find appropriate workplaces for foreigners

Find appropriate workplaces for foreigners in Hanoi

English centers have been becoming an ideal workplace for foreign English teachers. Many centers in Hanoi have been implementing ESL courses and have a huge demand of recruiting foreign teachers to teach this program. However, how to choose a reputable working environment is probably a concern of many individuals. The following article will help you answer that question.

Foreigners can find out the variety of ESL Jobs Hanoi English centers are recruiting

  • Benefits of ESL courses

The ESL course helps you to be able to convey information in English in a more natural, clear, and precise way. In addition, when you finish studying the ESL program, you can make your conversations, understand English information when exchanging with others, and pronounce words by yourself so that they are reasonable.

When you complete the ESL English course, you will have a general English background, thereby helping you gain the necessary knowledge to participate in international English exams such as TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL. Thus, the ESL English course is one of the valuable English courses helping people use English comprehensively.

  • ESL Jobs Hanoi – criteria for prestigious English centers

Starting a career in a new city, the first thing you should consider and choose carefully is a suitable working environment. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, especially Hanoi, most English language centers offer private courses for professional English programs such as ESL. Therefore, you can find out and choose reliable English centers with the following criteria to work at.

Operation model of English centers

The operating model of each English center is a criterion that needs careful consideration in the selection process. This model directly affects your goals and employment opportunities. There are many types of centers in Hanoi today such as English centers for children, English centers for working people, English centers specializing in communication, exam preparation centers for certificates ( IELTS, TOEFL, ESL), English centers for university exam preparation, …

For example, if you are looking for teaching jobs related to the ESL program, you should search for English certificate preparation centers or centers that offer ESL courses to students.

Centers receiving positive feedback

Good English centers often receive a lot of positive feedback (from former students or former teachers). These directly experience or come into contact with the training program and teaching methods at the center. Therefore, the opinions they give will be the most objective.

When choosing English centers to work with, you can refer to comments from former students or former teachers of the center. In addition, you can refer to comments on social networking sites or recruitment-related forums. Here, you will find the most honest reviews on the quality of teaching – training and the working environment at each specific center.

English centers recognized by prestigious international and Vietnam educational institutions

It is also one of the criteria you should consider when looking for jobs at English centers in Hanoi. Accreditation from prestigious international educational institutions will demonstrate the quality of teaching and the professionalism of the English center.

In Hanoi, the British Council and IDP are prominent educational institutions responsible for the IELTS test – one of the most widely used English proficiency tests. Language Link Vietnam also achieved the quality certificate of ISO 9001: 2015 (recognized by the British Standards Organization BSI) and was commissioned by Cambridge University and Trinity University to become an English foreign teacher training unit (CELTA, TYLEC).

Some other English centers in Hanoi are also members of the American educational organization (IAE), the American Institute for Educational Testing (ETS), …

Some other English centers in Hanoi are also members of some international education institutions

To choose a professional working environment, you need to consider many factors. Hopefully, with the sharing in this article, the concern about how to find English centers for ESL jobs Hanoi of many foreigners has been answered.

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