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Educational Challenges in the UAE Research Paper

Education has long and always been seen as a significant factor in discussing the state’s success in the country. The education system in the UAE has a distinct history that spans eras of informal and formal schooling. Standard education in this place is separated considerably from the current practice in pleasantry as well as systematization. Well! In this blog, we will discuss the challenges that one faces while working on the UAE Research papers. But, first let’s know about the structuration of a research paper.

Research Paper Structure – Research Paper Sections and Parts

PhD students are expected to prepare and publish research papers in order to justify their research findings and efforts. Writing your first research paper might be a difficult undertaking at first, but it is necessary in order to justify your work.

The procedure may appear overwhelming at first if you are a novice writer new to academic writing or a non-native English speaker. Moreover, the ideal method to start writing a research paper is to study the research paper format required in your subject, as this may differ from one field to the next. Research Paper Structure - Research Paper Sections and Parts

Furthermore, making a research paper structure with different headers and subheadings will greatly ease the complete writing process.


Well! A typical research paper will have the following sections in the order listed below.

  • The introduction;
  • The material and methods; and
  • The results and discussion.

1. Introduction

The Introduction section is one of the most important sections of a research paper. The introduction should start with a brief yet fast subject summary, pursued by an illustration of the issue’s essence and why this is essential in tackling it.

This part should include a review of the literature that offers important background information on the issue. The literature review should include seminal and groundbreaking publications on the subject, as well as the most recent research relevant to your topic.

You can conclude the section by explaining how the rest of the document is structured. When developing the framework of your research paper, utilize word cloud diagrams as a guide.

2. Methods and Materials

The Materials and methods part of your research article should provide thorough information regarding your method’s implementation specifics. This should be stated in such a way that it can be replicated by anybody doing research on the same topic. This section should include all technical details about the experimental setup, measurement process, and relevant factors. It should also contain information on how the approaches were verified and evaluated before being used.

It is advisable that equations, figures, and tables be used to describe the workings of the proposed approach. While working on the research paper format, create placeholders for figures and tables with false names.

3. Discussion of the Findings

The Research Report Results and Discussion section should be the final element of your research paper. You can explain the outcome of your tests in the findings section by offering enough scientific facts to back up your conclusions.

Moreover, you must interpret the scientific facts for your audience by emphasizing your work’s major conclusions. Also, you should offer details on any bad or unexpected findings from your research. It is critical to delivering the data objectively.  You should also describe how the present findings compare to past data from similar efforts in the literature.

What Are the Challenges in the UAE Research Paper?

Despite the fact that the UAE’s population has good literacy rates and enrollment in elementary and secondary schools has risen, there are various difficulties in the UAE’s educational sector that must be thoroughly analyzed with the use of statistical data.

1. Education Quality

Education has always been identified as a preference in the social growth of the UAE. However, the issue of the educational rate remains a concern. Sophomores are not able to score as good grades as they can.  And as per a few surveys and analyses, the reason behind this is known to be the quality of the education, as one of the biggest matters of concern.

2. Advancement of Skills in the English Language

The UAE people’s English lingo literacy is considered in a moderately concise span of time. Still, the growth of English mastery is conferred as an essential aspect of improving students’ prevalent literacy at that place because of the UAE’s direction toward the functional usage of the language in academic, colonial, and financial areas. As per the earlier analyses, the students’ English speaking skill is worse than that of other nations, and this comes as a big challenge while writing the research paper. Even while going through and understanding the related research papers, pupils often face this language issue.

However, if language is the issue, which comes as a hurdle for the students, here is a solution. You can focus on education and learning and leave their assignment tensions to the assignment help services.

3. Proficiency Problems in Professors

Instruction quality is the other important subject in the academic system of UAE. Irrespective of the point that the nation is known as one of the leading nations around the world, whether with respect to the financial term or social growth term.  The competency of teachers of the UAE is troublesome as numerous of them choose to utilize the academic practices that are traditional ones. Moreover, the methods of teaching are out-of-date.

Proficiency Problems in Professors

Also, they refuse the usage of technology and mechanizations in the settings of education. Well! This is because of insufficient computers and even some other important apparatus skills.

4. Turnover of Educators

Well! The teachers’ turnover rate is a problem associated with the rate of education as well as knowledge. Consequently, the UAE is observed to have the minimum learner-to-educator ratio among different well-to-do nations.  Moreover, the reasons for the subject area in the academy are immersed in immigrants as their workforce. Therefore, at various academies in the nation, this rate of turnover might surpass 60%, which is connected to the expatriates’ turnover.

Well! The management, though, wants to resolve this problem by maintaining agreement terms and conditions for ex-pats and executing agendas that aspired to acquire 90% of citizens among UAE schools’ educators.

5. The rate of Dropout learners

In the UAE, male pupils in secondary academies drop out at an increased pace. According to some investigations performed earlier, males of over 15% of in the UAE chose to drop out of school at the secondary level, and almost a quarter of the men population around the age of 20-24, you will find as a drop out from school.

Consequently, the registration of males at educational institutes is relatively lower. This problem is straight connected to the literacy in English as well as Arab lingoes since such dropouts generally show a lower status of proficiency in English proficiency.  However, some other surveys also show that this dropping out the issue is common at both the primary as well as secondary school levels.

Moreover, to handle the problem, some steps and measures must be offered that discourse the encouragement of young and talented Emiratis and improve rates of graduation for learners in the UAE.

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Regardless of the reality that the academic system of the UAE encounters various hardships and challenges linked to the education rate, proficient competence, rates of turnover, and the pupil rates of dropout. Well! The actual reasons for the issues are unproductive agendas and approaches created by the Education management to formalize and scrutinize the education’s quality.

Therefore, the issue here is that there is still no proper authorization system for academic organizations and proficient credential systems in a position to confirm that every academic organization follows modern curricula, implements new strategies, and incorporates innovation into the teaching process.


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