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most of you gremlins wanted artificer to be the next class I roast for the series but you need to get a few things in your head one artificer is the least popular class in dnd.

So in order to do that I need to start with the classes that people actually find interesting anyway that’s the reason why I’m skipping over Bart for now and doing cleric instead.

But before that this video series is bringing in a lot of newbies to d d and boy do I have the product for you ghost fire gaming’s newest project fables is an episodic adventure.

You can take your players Through with fables you get a full episode containing the story custom tokens maps and handouts over the course of six months all part of a complete adventure.

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Level 1 or angered

Let’s get Right back to the article clerics are forces of godly might that physically can’t stop winning if you somehow got your cleric in trouble.

It was because you willingly made them jump off of a cliff had them fight the end-game boss at level 1 or angered the dm because you kept cheesing through all of their encounters as a follower of the gods your job is to carry out all the activities that whoever you worship is too lazy to do themselves in return.

They’ll give you a scoop of ice cream filled with unlimited power based on whatever flavor of the deity you follow right at level 1 you have healing so potent that some party members can be restored to full health with a single spell.

If an enemy stabs one of your allies unconscious just slap him with healing magic it’s even more ridiculous when they’re the next person to take their turn don’t think you’re limited to just being a heel bot through the same magic that can give life can also end.

Spin kill

You have absurdly strong spells like the floating ghost sword that can Beyblade spin kill everything you look at a touch of death that fast travels your enemies straight to their graves and the best spam-able cantrips in the game forcing your god to answer discord pings of you asking for magic.

Every minute I bet you’ve been wondering why I’ve been ranting on about how strong clerics are if you recall this video is why you shouldn’t play the class well it’s just because they’re too powerful you can test the faith in god.

Because they’re literally on your side nothing becomes a challenge anymore for some d campaigns i saw people hosting dungeon masters were specifically banning clerics from their table.

Because they didn’t want to deal with them trivializing everything other tables just have to nerf magical healing outright because People dying and reviving over and over again is a perfect example of bad game design.

Even if your dm allows to class in their games and doesn’t nerf healing do you actually want any sort of challenge during the campaign if so then stay away from clerics with a 10-foot pole.

Divine magic

Because we’re not even done yet ring oh you’re god’s calling and they want to try to scoop more divine magic down your throat the arcana domain gives you a spell for nearly any situation and the ability to banish anyone.

You don’t feel like dealing with it right now the death domain lets you melt everyone who looks at you funny turning the best necromancy spells into nuclear warheads forge domain lets you play Minecraft enchanting magical weapons.

Crafting gear just by praying knowledge domain gives you a big brain and lets you break into other people’s weak unprotected brains life clerics for people who want to play on autopilot Causing explosions of healing everywhere.

Like it’s a baby’s gender reveal party light domain is all about scorching the corneas of your enemies and waiting corona of the light nature domain gives you full control over animals and plants without their consent order domain gives you full control over humans without their consent peace domain.

Bathtub toaster trickery domain

Let’s you become that one meme where a soldier is getting war crimes tempest domain turns You into a bathtub toaster trickery domain makes fling from combat viable twilight domain gives you a big ball that grants magical armor provides cover breaks magical spells does the dishes and hangs.

The laundry and war domain lets you kill people even if they have three suits of armor on while hiding behind a brick wall and with that, we’ve gone over everything that clerics can get at level one what you thought this was over.

No that’s just the tip of the Iceberg undead also quiver at your holy power just hold,

your cross up into the air and scream at the top of your lungs to scare off all the bone people later on all that screaming might wake up your deity forcing them to see what all the noise is about.

If you roll a certain number on a dice then there’s a chance they’ll barge in just to make you stop yes you can get your deity to appear.

It’s the ultimate I’m gonna get my dad to beat up your dad moments in the case for Some reason you still don’t feel strong enough clerics can also change nearly their entire playstyle.

Whenever they take a nap if you’ve ever played a MOBA then you know how important countering,

your opponent is just find out what the big bad evil guy’s weaknesses are,

and come back a day later having every magical spell tuned with bullying them in mind.

Wizards of the coast

If the principles over at wizards of the coast won’t do anything about their school,

being overrun by Religious zealots then you might as well take advantage,

so to summarize don’t play cleric they’re too powerful for their own good everyone at the table is going to get mad.

When they realize your character is the only one that matters with spells,

that have damage scalings like the slopes of Mount Everest abilities,

that lack any downsides or counterplay, and the obscene amounts of power you get.

Just by thinking about the class, you’re better Off playing anything else,

or maybe you’re sick of your characters dying all the time and just want to live out your anime power fantasy.

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