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Do Composite Decking Boards Have a Wood-like Appearance?

Homeowners are inquiring about this since they adore the traditional wood appearance of wood decking. Homeowners do not want to choose Wood or Wooden decking for their decking project, despite the fact that they like the look of wood. Wood decking may be replaced with composite decking boards. Composite decking offers several advantages due to its synthetic nature. Do composite decking planks, on the other hand, resemble wood? This article will answer that question.

What Are Composite Decking Boards?

Wood-plastic composite decking is another term for composite decking. Because of its material composition, composite decking is frequently referred to as wood plastic composite decking. In layman’s terms, composite decking is made out of plastic and wood fibers. This recycled material, which is used to manufacture wood plastic composite decking, is combined with 95 percent new material and heated until composite boards are formed. As a result, wood plastic composite boards are more durable and sturdy than other forms of decking. When creating wood plastic composite decking, they use a lot of coloring to make the boards seem nice. Consider the color or texture of wood plastic composite decking.

Surface Texture of Composite Decking Boards

Composite decking boards are available in a variety of surface colors and textures. The attractiveness of the colors or surface textures of wood plastic composite decking boards is one of their most striking features. Grey, black, brown, dark-colored, and light-colored wood plastic composite decking are all available.

Composite Decking in Light Colors

This type of decking has a gentle surface roughness that gives it a lovely appearance. Despite being richly pigmented, light-colored wood plastic composite decking will not absorb heat from the sun. This type of wood-plastic composite decking board is ideal for hot climates since it does not quickly heat up. Grey, brown, and green decking boards are examples of light-colored decking boards.

Composite Decking Boards in a Dark Color

Color of decking boards Dark-colored decking is the polar opposite of light-colored decking. This type of decking board, like the light-colored ones, has a lot of pigmentation. They feature a dark surface roughness that makes them appealing and more scratch-resistant. However, they will quickly absorb the sun’s heat and become heated. If you reside in a chilly climate, you should choose dark-colored wood plastic composite decking planks. Dark-brown, dark-grey, anthracite grey, and dark-oak kompositbrädor are examples of dark-colored decking boards.

Composite Decking Boards with a wood grain

Wood-grain wood plastic composite decking is another color option for composite decking planks. This type of wood plastic composite decking has a wood grain pattern on the surface, giving it a natural appearance. If you don’t want to use the term “wood grain,” think of it as matte-finish decking. Wood-plastic composite decking with a matte surface seems to be made of wood. This gives composite decking boards a wood-like appearance.

The distinction between composite decking and wood decking is obvious. While wood decking may be left as is or painted to match the color, composite decking has a more contemporary appearance. The wood appearance of the matte finish or the wood grain texture offers this modern look of wood plastic composite decking. If you want the look of wood grain but don’t want to use wood decking, try wood plastic composite decking. It will not only make your yard more modern but also boost its value.

Color options for Wood Plastic Composite Decking

There are various advantages to choosing a color for your wood plastic composite decking. Apart from the apparent benefit of adding beauty to your yard, they will not fade quickly. This means that wood plastic composite decking may endure up to 15 years and still look great. Although wood plastic composite decking loses a little amount of surface pigment after installation, this has no effect on the decking.

The surface texture of composite decking must adapt to the environment, which is why it will lose a tiny bit of color. As a result, you’ll notice an additional shine on the surface of composite decking board when you buy them. The additional shine will fade with time, and the boards will revert to their original color. Another benefit of composite decking boards that resemble wood is that they do not require annual painting to maintain their appearance. This means that after you’ve acquired your komposittrall, there’s no need to recolor it.


Wood-plastic composite decking boards are available in a variety of colors. If you like the conventional wood look, you may obtain composite decking planks that look like wood for your outdoor decking project.

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