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Different looks with different styles in India

As you know there are different states in India that have different cultures. Are segregated on the basis of food, clothes, festivals, and so on. Every state has a famous style of clothing and style. Every country or part of India has a different language, caste, color, festivals to celebrate, and the assent of language. But everyone used to live with unity and love. These states used to celebrate their festivals by following all their tradition. But the thing that reflects their tradition is their language and style and looks

1. Punjab 

  Punjab is famous for its delicious food, dance, and dress, especially traditional dresses. The famous outfits are salwar and kameez. Punjabi really looks amazing in every outfit.Patiala Salwars originate from this state. The styles of this state feature scarves, or Dupattas, that contrast the color of the rest of the ensemble. The specialty of Punjab is that this state is famous for its bhangra and other beautiful activities. One of the most important religious celebrations that have been tagged as the national festival of Punjab is Vaisakhi or Baisakhi. This festival is celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus of Punjab. There are numerous festivals celebrated in Punjab with the important ones being Baisakhi, Lohri, Holla Mohala, Maghi Festival, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and Basant Panchmi. 

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2. Rajasthan

There are many looks and  pleats and studded ornaments in the Ghaghara itself. Like Pagaris, they are also found in cotton and printed in laharia. Mothra and chunari. The blouses or short Kurtis that Rajasthani women wear are known as cholis. In Rajasthan people used to wear block-printed shirts, Check shirts, with handicraft work on it. The block-printed shirts contain historical designs of our Rajasthan. The famous food of Rajasthan is “Dal baati churma”. There are many festivals that are celebrated in Rajasthan .i.e Teej festival, Makar Sankranti, and so on. 

3. Gujarat

Gujarati use to dress in very amazing and fantastic attires.  Patola Silk or popularly known as the ‘Queen of all silks’ forms a major part of traditional Gujarati attire. Gujarati brides are adorned with silk and zari woven sarees of Gharchola and Panetar. People also used to wear a floral print shirt

  • The traditional attires often incorporate tie-dye or traditional block prints.
  • The region of Kutch has a distinctive traditional outfit adorned by women known as Abhas. Chania Cholis are a popular choice of outfit during the festive season of Navratri Mahotsav.
  • Men also wear unique attire known as the Kediya dress during the Navratri season.
  • A prevalent Gujarati trend is the silver Pachchikam jewellery that originated in Kutch. 

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Conclusion –

As we can see there are different looks and styles in different states. The food we eat, the language we speak, and the rituals we follow. Everything looks different with our outfits. Looks can be changed with help of which style looks we adopt. It’s our duty to make unity in India by not discriminating on the basis of caste, color, dress up, looks, styles, and so on.All you have to do is live with love, peace and kindness.

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