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Difference Between OTG and Microwave Oven

Cooking has become an effortless and enjoyable chore with the help of high-end electronic appliances. In today’s modern kitchen, microwave oven and OTGs have earned their irreplaceable presence. The majority of the buyers aren’t aware of the difference between the ovens and OTG models. 

Making such unaware purchases can lead to a total loss of money and mismanagement of the appliance. Both these appliances have distinctive properties and features which must be understood clearly before using them. One must also identify their requirement and then opt to buy the right kind of Microwave oven better usability. 

Here are some of the differences between OTG and microwave oven for your perusal. 

Attributes                              OTG                       Microwave oven
  • The heating in the OTG takes place with the help of the heating coils. These coils are usually made up of copper and are efficient in providing sufficient heat for the cooking as well as the reheating of the food.
  • The microwave oven makes use of electromagnetic waves to heat the food inside. It makes the food particles oscillate and heats them perfectly. This technology gets the food cooked and heated equally, with an equal distribution of heat. 
  • The heat distribution in the OTG is quite less as compared to the one in microwave ovens.
  • The distribution of heat is better and quite even. This is because the electromagnetic waves are heating the contents placed inside the microwave oven, evenly. The heating is direct with the help of waves, heating the food evenly.
  • The heating time of the OTG (stands for Oven Toast and Griller), is approximately 15 mins. It heats well but takes a little more time than the latest microwave oven.
  • The heating time is very less as compared to the OTG. They are designed to heat the food within no time. If you are making use of the microwave oven, you can expect your food to get heated within 5 minutes.
Power usage
  • The power consumed by the OTG is quite low. This is also because it has fewer modes of working and does the work tad slow. It can help you save power consumption and get a lesser electricity bill. It is quite an affordable option, from the point of view of power consumption and the power bill of your house.
  • The power usage by the microwave oven is quite high in itself, let alone when compared with the OTG. The power consumption is high owing to the use of electromagnetic waves for cooking and heating the food. This can be an alarming factor if you already have multiple appliances in your home that are creating a bulky power bill. However, the pros it offers make it all worth it.


  • Auto-cook functionality is not available in OTG. Things have to be taken care of manually, rather than in an automated way.
  • Auto-cook functionality is available in microwave ovens. This saves the manual labour usually done while cooking food. Also, it allows you to make use of more than one mode of cooking, depending on the type of food being prepared.


  • Usually, the OTG  variants are less expensive than microwave ovens and can be quite economical.
  • Providing all the comforting features, microwave ovens are a little more expensive than the OTGs available on the market.



  • You have the freedom to use glass, ceramics, and metal containers inside them.
  • You are not allowed to use metal containers inside the microwave ovens, as it can prove hazardous. Other than that, you are free to use either ceramics or silicon ware inside your microwave oven.



  • Generally, the majority of the OTG models are designed to be lightweight and easily mobile. It is actually very easy to move and reposition an OTG when compared to a microwave oven. 
  • Microwave ovens are usually heavy. Even a compact model can weigh more than 8kg. The heavy build makes the oven sturdier. Also, moving the microwave oven might not be as easy and effortless as the OTG models. 
  • OTGs are best for grilling, toasting, baking etc. 
  • While the microwave oven is primarily used to reheat food. It can also be used for baking.  

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