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Dental Explorers—An Essential Component of Dental Tool Kit

Proper examination and diagnostic procedures are necessary before starting dental treatment. So, medical practitioners require specific dental instruments to diagnose and examine dental issues. Dental explorers are one of the diagnostic instruments that assist dentists in exploring dental caries, dentine, and enamel defects.

Another name for this dental instrument is the Sickle Probe. The instrument is ideal for examining the irregularities of the tooth surface, such as small decays and calculus deposits. So, the dental explorer tool assists dentists in keenly observing and treating dental issues.

The sharp pointed end of the dental explorer enhances tactile sensation. Thus, it efficiently penetrates the pulp canal, causing minimum or no pain to the surrounding dental tissues.

Let’s educate ourselves on the importance of this dental diagnostic tool.

Why Are Dental Explorers So Important?

The dental explorer is one of the most frequently used diagnostic instruments. So, it is an essential component of the dental tool kit. Dentists cannot correctly examine or treat a dental issue without using the explorer dental instrument. The dental instrument efficiently identifies the holes or soft spots in the decayed teeth.

Furthermore, the dental tool enables dentists to find food deposits on the teeth surface that cause oral issues. Therefore, the primary purpose of such a dental tool is to identify the location of the cavity. The dental explorer also helps in the restoration and furcation of teeth.

At the initial stages of diagnostic procedures, the dental explorers assist the dentist in mapping out the calculus deposits. While at the final stages, the same instrument helps to find the degree of calculus removal. That helps to calculate the progress of the dental surgical procedure.

Now, have a look at the features of the explorer dental instrument.

Features of the Dental Explorers

The dental explorer comes in a comfortable size to avoid fatigue in the dentist’s hands. The other features of the dental tool include

  •  It has a long, skinny handle that makes it easy to handle and use.
  •  The rough area of the handle reduces the chances of slippage.
  • The thin, curved head features a very sharp point at the end, increasing the tactile sensation.
  • Some dental explorer tools also feature a direction bent to the 90-degree angle to the lower shank.
  • The dental tool is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • The explorer dental instrument is sterilizable.
  • The tool requires low maintenance.

All these features make the dental instrument an ideal tool for exploring dental issues. That is why it is among dentistry’s most frequently used dental instruments. Moreover, the dental tool is available in multiple variations to give dentists more options.

What Are The Available Variations Of The Dental Explorer Tool?

The dental explorer tool is an integral component of dental instruments. The reason is that dental instruments are multifunctional and available in different variations. In addition, dental instruments also assist dentists in determining the integrity of the dental crown.

The different variations of the dental instrument include the

  • Double Ended
  • Single Ended

Let’s discuss each variation in detail to understand its functioning.

1.  Double Ended

Both ends of the dental explorer are functional. So, dentists prefer to use this unique dental instrument to detect and explore decaying teeth and pockets. Thus, the dental tool is perfect for furcation and restoration during dental surgeries.

The unique features of such dental explorers include

  • Double-ended designs
  • Pointed ends
  • Round handles

The double-ended dental tools are robust to provide good practice to dentists. On top of that, the dental instrument is resistant to rust and corrosion. So, the double-ended dental instruments are durable and can be used multiple times after proper sterilization.

The instrument has further multiple variations to meet the demands of dentists. Some of the variations are

  • Endo explorer double ended
  • Double-ended explorer EXD 23/6 L
  • Double-ended explorer EXD 6
  • Double-ended explorer EXD 2
  • Double-ended explore EXD 5L

The ergonomic designs of the double-ended dental explorers make the dental procedure less hectic and feasible. The dental tool is also lightweight and reusable.

2.  Single-Ended

Single-ended explorers are used to detecting dental caries and calculus or explore dental pockets. The unique features of the single-ended dental instrument include

  • Single-ended designs
  • Sharp and pointed tips
  • Pen-shaped handle

The dental explorer tool has multiple variations with different curved angles. The single-ended dental explorer can easily reach the narrow areas of the teeth. Thus, it becomes easy for dentists to identify hidden cavities and pockets.

The dental instrument has a robust and durable structure. Above all, the dental tool is sterilizable so that dentists can use the same instrument multiple times. Some of the variations of the single-ended dental explorer include

  • Single-ended explorer 3A
  • Single-ended explorer 5A
  • Single-ended explorer 6
  • Explorer TU17

All such variations make the dental tool kit more versatile and valuable.

Get High-Quality Dental Explorers

It is challenging to find high-quality and durable dental instruments. So, dentists keep searching for the best sources for unique dental tools. GerDentUSA is the final destination for those dentists who never compromise on the quality of dental tools.

It offers premium quality dental instruments along with multiple variations. Most of their dental tools are German forged. Furthermore, their instruments are resistant to corrosion and rust. The dental tools are also sterilizable and easy to maintain.

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