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Customized Industrial Touch PCs Faster and Reliable

These industrial touch computers are reliable and durable. They are capable of implementing a wide range of embedded computing technologies in the industrial sector, including M2M and SCADA. Download the AIS brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format to learn more. This brochure was created with industrial companies in mind. Industrial applications will find touchscreen PCs a great option. 

The Pro-V-Pad Classic touch screen industrial pc offers complete freedom. The sleek, compact, robust design of the Pro-V-Pad Classic x64 features a zero-gap touchscreen. This system is more sensitive than resistive touch and has a low profile, making it ideal for harsh environments. t. Its touchscreen has a resolution of 1.3 microns.

Multiple connectivity options are available for the SIO Series industrial touch computers. Some models also offer Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Reliable touch screen industrial pc

Wireless LAN technology allows for data transfer speeds comparable to wired LANs while allowing for long-distance operation. Forklift computers are usually more robust than standard desktop computers.

Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports are available on the SIO Series industrial touch computers. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available in the SIO Series. Wireless LAN makes these systems compatible with other devices. Bluetooth provides reliable connectivity for short distances.

This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require constant communication. The rugged industrial touch computer SIO-X64 Series is available. You have many options for connecting to your touch-screen industrial computer.

The most sensitive touch screen type is the capacitive touch screen. To read data, it uses the electric charge of a human finger. Multi-touch gestures are possible, as well as zooming and text-to-speech. 

It is crucial to select the right computer for your business. There are many configuration options for the industrial touchscreen. One of the most well-known industrial touchscreen computers is the SIO Series.

Different Sizes of Industrial Touch PCs

The aluminum touch PCs (7” to 32”) are industrial-grade Touch PCs that do not require fan cooling. The touch can be used in many environments. They are easy to use in harsh environments due to their fanless design and robust industrial components. They are also highly customizable. The company offers customized services and ships its products via the most reliable forwarders.

Industrial Touch PCs are more durable than traditional PCs. Its can withstand extreme conditions like temperature and vibration.
Industrial touchscreen computers are built for harsh environments. These Industrial Touch PCs make a great choice if you are looking for a touchscreen solution for your business.

They are available with multiple CPUs and a large range of sizes and shapes.

Its can also withstand extreme temperatures. They are ideal for outdoor use. Baobao Panel PCs are extremely flexible and have a long shelf-life.

The enclosures with IP ratings are an excellent investment for industrial machines. Industrial touchscreen PCs can be used in a wide range of environments thanks to their many features. The touchscreen display is not the only feature of industrial touch computers. 

These features are important to consider when you’re looking for a PC for your company. These features are an excellent investment in your business. 


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