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Current Trends in Blockchain Development Company in Sydney


The public blockchain decentralized, and every user owns a copy of the ledger. This is a great advantage, but also poses a disadvantage, as the process of verifying each node is lengthy and the rate of transactions is relatively slow. This issue is particularly concerning governments, which are trying to implement public blockchain technology as quickly as possible. The public blockchain utilizes proof of work and proof of stake to ensure the security of transactions. If properly implemented, this technology can disrupt existing financial systems and support decentralization.

Blockchain Development Company in Sydney

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens are a new trend in the world of blockchain development company in Sydney. They are creating revolutionary changes in the digital world and are taking industries by storm. These tokens can represent anything from virtual-world property items to sports, art, and fashion. Despite their infancy, these tokens already being used by global giants such as Nike, McLaren, and Samsung.

Non-fungible Tokens digital assets that can be traded on a blockchain and tamper-proof. They are minted directly on the blockchain and live on the shared blockchain ledger. This makes them traceable and provide an easy way to verify their digital assets’ origin.

Ethereum scaling

Ethereum scaling is one of the current trends in blockchain development company, with projects like Nansen and Arbitrum leading the way. The network phenomenal growth in the past year, and over 2,000 decentralized applications and non-fungible tokens now supported by its infrastructure. This has led to a rapid growth of users. MetaMask, an Ethereum-based wallet, has reached over 21 million monthly active users, up from less than a million in 2017. The Ethereum network is now hosting over US$170 billion in total value.

While Ethereum scaling has long been a top priority, there still a number of issues associated with it. For instance, the network has difficulty handling the volume of transactions. To overcome this, Ethereum is working on solutions that increase transaction throughput and security. The project promises to introduce sharding and update its consensus mechanism.

Ethereum’s proof-of-stake model

Proof-of-stake is a consensus mechanism used in Ethereum, which enables the network to create new blocks and validate them with a large number of validators. Essentially, a validator stakes a certain amount of ether, known as ETH, into a smart contract on the Ethereum network. Once this stake staked, it serves as collateral, and validators use it to create new blocks and verify them. The process  repeated periodically to ensure that the new blocks propagate over the network are correct. Proof-of-stake makes it possible for more nodes to secure the network, while reducing entry barriers and hardware requirements.

Proof-of-stake networks governed by an algorithm known as an epoch, which determines when new blocks created and when a new group of validators is assigned. Each epoch is unique, and each blockchain protocol has its own method for determining when new validators  added to the network.

Blockchain’s impact on financial services

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionise financial services, and its impact on businesses is growing by the day. As more companies turn to this technology, financial institutions and the industry must continue to evolve and learn about its latest developments. Here are some of the ways blockchain will help financial services firms in the future.

First of all, it will streamline current operations. As blockchain development company in Sydney adoption grows, more firms may reduce headcount by eliminating manual tasks, such as data entry and reconciliation. In addition, this technology is also likely to eliminate unnecessary intermediation. While some roles likely eliminated, many others may created.

NFTs’ potential in gaming

Blockchain-based non-fungible tokens are a potentially lucrative revenue stream for gaming companies. They leverage the ledger and computational complexity of cryptocurrencies to create unique assets that players can purchase and sell. Such games require constant player growth to guarantee payouts, and designed to prioritize acquisition of new players over retention of existing players. The resulting system is similar to a pyramid scheme. As more people buy and sell NFTs, the value of the asset increases.

NFTs are becoming increasingly common as in-game assets in games. These in-game assets give gamers ownership of their game characters. For example, in Valve’s game DOTA 2, NFTs sold for Bitcoin or Steam currency. This allows players to earn income by reselling virtual pets.


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