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Credentialing Services For Providers: Rapid Revenue Growth

Credentialing services for providers is essential for any medical practice or group. The financial side of the provider and the practice is directly impacted by delays and missed physician credentialing. Employing credentialed providers also raises the bar for your practice, strengthens your credibility, and positions it as the top option for patient care. Let’s examine in greater detail how Provider Credentialing might aid in the financial development of your company.

More Patients as a Result of Insurance Referrals

The more insurances we are credentialed with, the more recommendations we will receive, expanding our reach and daily patient visit clearly. Verifying a provider’s certification, licensure, and malpractice history is the main goal of credentialing in a medical billing company. Therefore, patients’ trustworthiness can increase with a credentialed physician on staff since provider credentialing ensures that their procedure will be secure and safe, as confirmed by their payor. The number of patient visits directly affects the flow of revenue.

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Process for Provider Credentialing

A provider may submit an application for credentialing with the insurance company of his choosing or at the employer’s request. The steps in the provider credentialing process are listed below:

  • Verify whether the Insurance is now accepting new Credentialing applications.
  • Submit the application together with all necessary supporting documentation.
  • Verify the accuracy and completeness of the information and documents provided.
  • Deliver the application to the insurance provider after it is finished.
  • Follow up frequently to learn how your privileges stand.

Checklist For Credentialing Of Providers

While the above provider credentialing procedure may seem simple, it should be remembered that it may be time-consuming and difficult. Any discrepancy or error in the information provided can cause unneeded delays in the process, which can have an impact on both practice and reimbursement.

  • Completed application
  • A copy of the medical school diploma
  • A copy of your state license
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • The Social Security Number (SSN)
  • A copy of your license
  • Update your resume to include your contact information and employment history.
  • Evidence of an employment history gap
  • Any instances of malpractice and their present condition
  • Information on Malpractice Insurance Coverage
  • Information about CAQH and NPPES
  • W9 form

Using Payor Contracts

The provider can join the insurance company’s network if the Provider Credentialing process has been completed. By doing this, the provider is guaranteed to have more rights than an out-of-network provider. Providers who are in-network must adjust to the payer’s payment rates and, if applicable, any supplementary plans. However, the additional patient referrals are advantageous to the provider.

Plan beforehand.

While qualified and experienced personnel can work toward a quicker credentialing process, provider credentialing is a time-consuming procedure that may take between 90 and 180 days. If you are anticipating any of the following, which will unquestionably demand you to complete the credentialing procedure, it is usually a good idea to make sure you are well prepared beforehand.

  • Newly minted healthcare professional seeking to launch a business
  • Adding more medical professionals to your practice
  • Starting a new job at a facility with a different payer contract.
  • Wish to obtain credentials from any new payer on your list.

Provider Credentialing for Outsourcing

The greatest option for ensuring quicker and cleaner processing has been shown to be outsourcing Provider Credentialing. To prevent any negative impact on your financial system, a reputable medical billing company should be able to handle your provider credentialing demands and monitor ongoing credentialing maintenance tasks.

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