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Create A Strong Shelf Presence For An Effective Marketing Research Methodology

The shelves in stores are an important element of the journey of a customer. From the time a customer decides to visit the shop until the time you leave with the goods there are a handful of points where brands must be aware of the way their image is perceived by their customers.

The tiniest of shelf strip details could make or break it for the customer. In this post we will concentrate on the importance of having a solid retail presence, particularly as the case with an FMCG brand. We’ll also offer a few tips on how to enhance your shelf’s appearance.

Shelf Presence: A Brief Outline Of The Brand You Represent

Shelf placement refers to the place where products from an established brand are placed in brick and mortar stores. This is not only the aisle or shelf they are on, but also the way the products are displayed.

The presence of shelves is essential to FMCG brands, particularly since the majority of consumer products are sold only in stores. This is why brands must be aware of where and how they display their goods in supermarkets.

A well-stocked shelf will increase awareness of your brand and build brand loyalty. Be aware that your brand’s identity is not what you perceive it, but how customers see it. The shelf’s presence plays a significant impact in the way that customers view your brand and the products you sell. Everything that is related to packaging or merchandising may influence sales and the perception of your brand.

People tend to buy goods from brands whose values are in line with their personal beliefs. This is why they spend an extra 46% for products that they consider valuable or from companies that support the community or individual.

What does this have to do with relation to shelf appearance? It’s a lot! If you’re a business that is environmentally conscious it should be displayed on your shelves and packaging. This is just one instance.

Shelf edge strips to get an overview of the brand. It gives people an impression of your company and its products. Being aware of how crucial the presence of your shelves is to your company, we’ve put together some best practises that you can follow to boost the visibility of your brand and increase sales.

3 Shelf Presence Best Practices

  • Find The Perfect Packaging For Your Product

The shelf’s presence is more than just the placement of shelves. It begins with how your product is presented. The colour used together with the material and text are crucial to the perception of your brand. Additionally, packaging can lead to buying on impulse.

Remember that although it is essential to keep up with fashions, when it comes to packaging, you may need to think twice before making changes to the look of your product.

  • A Well-Placed Placement Goes Far

Making your product appear on the shelves of major retailers can be an uphill task. It does however give your brand the recognition you require. It is important to know that products are not arranged in a random manner in the store. There are some things you should be aware of when it comes to the placement of your products:

Affecting: What number of shelf spaces (horizontal) will your SKU or brand take within the store?

SOVI (Share of Visual Inventory): What percentage of a particular category do you hold? To calculate this you have to divide the number facings of your company, divided by the total number of faces in the category.

SOA (Share of Assortment): What percentage of ownership of the purchasing of customers do you own? Find the amount of SKUs or items (not the fronts) within a specific category, and divide it by the number of products or SKUs in the category.

Shelf Level: Is your product sitting right in front of your customers’ eyes? Be sure your product is placed in the proper place on the shelves. This will allow you to maximise sales opportunities.

Special displays like Self-standing displays, end caps or dump bins are excellent options for companies that wish to make a statement.

  • A Little Bit Of Creativity To Draw Shoppers In

Alongside having the most effective shelf wobbler for your items It is also possible to think about engaging with your customers at the moment of purchase. Tokinomo is a robotic POP display, which will aid in attracting customers and boost sales.

The Art of the Shelf Talker

There’s certainly an art in crafting an effective shelf talker. What can you do to distil all the things you enjoy about a book into just a few sentences? Since that’s one of the most important aspects of a successful book – it needs to be brief.

While there’s no best way to create the perfect shelf talker, here are some tips and tricks to assist:

1.) Be as brief as you can about the story. It is important to provide the reader who is reading the shelf talker a sense of the kind of book it is like a memoir, fantasy romance, science-based expose, however, you don’t want the entire shelf talker to become just a rehash of the story. That’s what you’ll find at the end of your book.

2.) Before you start creating the shelf talker consider the aspects of this book that inspired you to decide to create a shelf talker in that first instance. Was it a novel and captivating story? Are the characters well-rounded and relatable?

The writing was so gorgeous you could not resist stopping to read every now and again to look at an entire sentence? The best shelf talkers include a personal message from the bookshop – it makes your customers aware that they are dealing with a real person writing a review of a book that they loved (not an attempt to get them to buy).

3.) Don’t get discouraged if you feel like it’s taking long to finish something! It’s not easy to create a fantastic shelf-talker. I’ve spent hours thinking about the things I wanted to discuss in a book before getting to write an evaluation. If you’re stuck, make an outline of all the things you’d like to write about the book. Let it sit for a week or two, revisit it later to determine what is most important.

4.) It’s the initial sentence that’s the most crucial and you should work your hardest on the hook. A potential customer will only go through the first sentence before proceeding, so it’s important to get the attention of your audience immediately.

5.) When you write, make it appear as if you’re selling to make your writing seem more casual. Talking to people about the reasons you like books can aid you in figuring out the best way to create a story about the book.


Because the market is crowded and crowded, it’s difficult for companies to make a mark. An activation of your brand using Tokinomo will aid in identifying your product.

Being able to establish a strong presence on the shelf talker is vital in this highly competitive market. Through modern solutions such as Tokinomo that can help you help your product stand out. Furthermore, through this kind of activation for your brand it allows you to engage customers and boost sales when they purchase.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the pack, advertise your product and increase the number of sales you make, consider these three tips for success in the store. With a prominent shelf along with the correct message your customers will be enticed to buy your brand.

Ravi Patel

As the marketing head at VC Print, Ravi Patel has a reputed name in the industry. He consistently contributes his valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.

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