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Cost of app development in Australia – Complete Guide

Cost of Application Development

The complication that is app development in Australia.

Everyone in Australia who wants to become an app developer wonders at least once about the cost of it. Those who only care about development and design costs remain unaware of hidden costs that can backfire on the whole plan. Other tasks have their own cost as well, tasks as marketing, maintenance/update costs, data storage, developer accounts, and many others. The stronger the development, the costlier it gets. What does that mean? Basically, development varies and that can have its own range dependent on the type of application you want.

This is not to count server fees that range from $10 to $10, 0000, developer accounts that range from $25 for a one-time payment to $99 for membership per year, and third-party services that can cost as low as $100 and as high as $500 monthly. Let’s discuss app development Australia and the required cost in detail.

Factors impacting the cost of App Development

Following are the factors that make your budget highly dependent on the kind of development you are getting yourself into.

1. App Type

The cost of your project varies on the type of app you want to develop. For instance, a mobile hybrid app will cost you more than a native iOS app, which is why iOS app development is commonly prioritized over hybrid apps nowadays. That is not to imply that hybrid app development is entirely frivolous, there are times when that kind of development becomes necessary. Similarly, apps are largely varied. You could have utility apps like fleet management, business apps, banking apps, or games. Businesses that need an app for a giant firm are likely costlier in comparison to a typical mobile game.

2. Complexity

The number of hours you will have to give to your app development is directly relevant to how extensive your app is. You will have to consider if your app is linked to third-party systems. Also, you’ll have to include foreign languages if your app is meant for the international market.  Another point to ponder if your app will work offline or online; if it has to work in both conditions, then it will need more time and cost in development. Such are the intricate complications with mobile development Australia these days.

Complexity anywhere can cost a lot of money and struggle, however, things get trickier when it comes to app development. How come? It all comes down to your extensiveness and how much stuff it possesses within.

3. Manual Testing and Automated Testing

Everybody wants their app to run best. However, this requires a great deal of testing since it is an integral part of app development. Obviously, testing costs budgets. Manual testing opts for predefined benchmarks and is performed on a mobile device by Mobile QA specialists. On the other hand, automated testing makes QA write code to automatically run a test suite. While manual testing is considered important, automated testing saves money and time. So, when it comes to mobile application development, there is no success without manual testing and automated testing.

Just that goes to show how much both these types of testing influence app development and how significant they will always be wherever app development is connected.

4. Required Time

Expensive apps take up their sweet time of years from professional app developers before they are finalized for release. Apps like Uber, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are not easy to make; they need a lot and a lot of developers, which of course means they cost a lot and a lot of money. Such costs and amount of time need to be factored into the plans for development. On the other hand, app development for iOS can relatively take lesser time since they are only focused on a single operating system.

Even with the estimated time period, it can be fairly guessed how much an app will cost in development. That further helps things in the desired direction.

5. Features

Some heavy features tend to be costly as well such as augmented reality, offline mode, and push notifications. These features can require more pro developers and highly skilled specialists. Goes without saying but they all come with a high cost. Custom software Australia has its own quality of features as well that you can use to create more features for top-notch app development.

If your features are more tech-heavy, they are bound to be more budget-heavy as well. There can be more custom features as well if not the off-the-shelf solutions as well. And more custom a feature goes, the costlier it gets for the obvious reason of the effort, time, and money that was already put into it.

So, this here is a briefing on how costly app development is in Australia. You would do well yourself to remember these factors and the costs they carry.


App Development is largely varied, and so is the underlying cost. There is no authentic structure or way or figure to finalize if each app would have the same amount of money invested. Custom software development Australia does not hold back when it comes to quality app development and using that, you will have to keep the aforementioned factors in mind. Do not be scared of the cost, nobody is idiot enough to begin without a good estimation in mind; maybe they are, we hope you aren’t one of them. Hopefully, this read helped you learn a thing or two on the topic.

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