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Convert Windows Live Mail to PST With or Without Outlook

Best Way to Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PST

The Windows Live Mail service is now deprecated and will no longer get support, updates, or security fixes. This might make you quite anxious about the safety of your data or overall experience. To get the most out of your email, it’s best to switch to a more popular service like Outlook. Keeping this in mind, we have detailed how to convert Windows Live Mail to PST so that you can use your emails through Outlook. We recommend reading the whole essay if you’re interested in the same topic.

It is Possible to Export Windows Live Mail to PST Even Without Using Outlook.

When you need to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST, there’s no better option than Windows Live Mail Converter. It is a programme developed for the sole purpose of exporting WLM to other clients. For safe and sound Windows Live Mail to PST conversion, you can use this programme. If you want to know how the program functions and what actions you need to take to convert your WLM mailboxes, read on!

How to Convert Windows Live Mail to PST? Step-by-step Guide

  1. You may first need to get the Program. Then after the program has been installed and launched, Windows Live Mail may be exported to PST.
  2. To access your configured Windows Live Mail account or folder, click the Open tab and then the drop-down arrow next to it.
  3. In order to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST, you’ll need to manually go through each folder in WLM.
  4. After entering data into the application, you will be able to review it before deciding whether or not to convert it.
  5. You may select the PST file format as the saving option by going to the Export Tab.
  6. You may then click the Browse button to specify a destination on your computer’s hard drive for the output files. Windows Live Mail may be converted to a PST file with the press of a Save button.

You will be notified as soon as Windows Live Mail to PST conversion is complete. Now that you’ve downloaded the program, you may explore its features.

Features of the Program

  1. Bulk Conversion: Conversions may be made indefinitely using this program. It can convert many WLM mailboxes into PST files at once, all while following the same set of instructions.
  2. Data Selection Modes: When migrating from Windows Live Mail, you have a choice between two modes of operation. In addition to the predefined accounts offered by WLM, you can select a different folder explicitly.
  3. Preview Function: It is clear from the trial that the software can also be used to view Windows Live Mail attachments; therefore this data analysis program has broad use. After uploading your files, you’ll have the option to see them in their entirety within the programme.
  4. OS Support: The programme works on any device running Microsoft Windows. You may convert Windows Live Mail to PST on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and below.
  5. Browse Location: You may save the files created by the program wherever you choose using the Browse Location option. Alternately, you may look through available areas.


In this post, we will discuss how to convert Windows Live Mail to PST format. You may use the programme to safely and quickly convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST files without losing any of your data. Its starter version is available for free download at the link above, so you may get started on your project right now.

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