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Comprehensive Guide On iTools For PC

What do you know about the iTools download for PC? It is the best iOS management software in the world. Likewise, the software is the best alternative tool for iTunes. It works similarly to iTunes and supports the iOS official management systems. iTunes comes with a lot of restrictions. But iTools become a comfortable replacement having more features. Therefore, you can download iTools for PC to manage your iOS devices without iTunes. Is it safe to use? Yes: the software is 100% secure to use as an iOS managing tool. What are the features? How to download it? I will give answers to all questions along with the article. Wait to get it.

  1. What is iTools for PC download?

It is a comprehensive software that supports managing all Apple devices through a PC. The software is a professional tool for iOS device content management. Also, it is only compatible with Windows or Mac computers and not a mobile-based version. Hence, you must first download it to the computer. Then connect your iDevices using the proper USB cable. Likewise, the software comes with a user-friendly interface and easy to use than iTunes. You can download iTools PC for free. Thus, you can download it for free from the official website.

  2. What are the unique features?

Due to some significant features, the tool has become the best among other iOS managing software. Now let’s see what makes it best among other competitive tools.

  • Create a complete backup more efficiently than Apple iTunes and iCloud
  • Use as an AirPlayer to browse the web, play games, edit various types of documents, watch videos, etc
  • Manage photo collections and share your images between devices
  • Battery master – get a complete report about the device’s battery conditions
  • Data migration – share your old iDevices’ data with the new device
  • Ringtone maker – create your ringtones with your recordings as original mobile ringtones.
  • File manager – manages all those files and folders on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Icon manager – capable of arranging them orderly set a tidy screen
  • Simulate location feature –  allows unlimited location from your GPS data.
  • Check crash report
  • Optimize the device performance with a click
  • Access your iTunes account

  3. What is the latest version of iTools for PC?

The latest version of the iOS management tool for PC is iTools PC download 2022. It is a well-created tool for iOS device users and functions as an alternative tool for all iDevices. Also, the software is similar to iTunes. But, it displays more advantages over iTunes. The software is free to download application for Windows operating systems. It never asks for Apple ID or password to function. Likewise, it shows all iPhone features. The latest version displays more advanced features than basic features, such as listening to music, watching videos, syncing devices, etc.

  4. Why is it better than iTunes?

iTools PC download is very supportive than iTunes. You can delete any file directly from it. Also, it can sync into iOS jailbreak-supported devices and restore files to supported format rather than deleting them. Likewise, it is faster than iTunes and does not require logging into multiple accounts. Also, it consists of a library-style interface and does not offer any drag-and-drop access. The software also supports drag-and-drop guarantees, which are ideal for new users. Also, it is more user-friendly and flexible than iTunes.

But iTunes requires access through the library to delete any file. Also, iTunes is an extensive program than consumes more resources. Therefore, download iTools for PC as the best iOS manager.

  5. What are the requirements?

Here, we provide the system requirements to download the software.

  • Operating Systems – Windows XP up to Windows 11, including Windows Vista
  • RAM                        –   256 MB or higher
  • CPU                        –   750 MHz AMD, intel
  • Disk Space             –   At least 50 MB

  6. How to download iTools for PC?

Here, we provide a simple step guide to downloading the software. You can download it from the official website due to its unavailability in the Apple Store. Now let’s see the step guide.

  • Prepare a Windows PC to download the software.
  • Search the web to download the latest version of the iOS managing tool
  • Download the package for free
  • The icon of tools will arrange on your desktop.
  • Then connect your device to the computer using a proper USB cable.
  • Wait and let it automatically detect the connected iDevices

  7. Why cannot iTools detect the iPhone?

To fix the errors, you can follow the below instruction,

  • Always download the latest version of iTools for PC to get more advanced features
  • Use a proper USB cable to connect the devices to the Windows computer
  • Fix the driver by clicking on the “ iTools Driver Diagnostic” option.
  • Reinstall the package totally and again install

  8. What are the packages you can buy?

You can download three current packages. They are free, premium, and platinum packages. But, the free version is the most popular installation.

  9. How to select the language?

It supports seven languages, including default English and native Chinese. You can go to the options button on the top right corner and navigate to the language option. Now select your language.

  10. How to update the latest version?

A Window of “ Update Announcement” will pop up when you launch the iTools user interface when there is a new update. Then click the “ Download” button on the new Windows to switch your current version to the latest version.


iTools for PC is the safest and most reliable solution for iOS management. It is the simplest and most supporting software that assists you in completing the administration of the iDevices without iTunes. Also, the software is a perfect solution for managing your Apple device, backup data, and other functions. Also, it can handle all kinds of media such as videos, iTunes music, images, documents, etc. The software is compatible with any iDevices such as iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Likewise, it is the best program to keep trouble-free iOS management. Also, it confirms high usability. Do you want more details? You can refer to our official website. Now you can try it.

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