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Closeboard Fence Panels – The Perfect Garden Boundary

I know what you’re thinking. Fences are boring! But this one isn’t, because it isn’t your typical fence panel! Closeboard fence panels are constructed from sturdy overlapping vertical boards, similar to feather edge fencing panels, and feature a heavy-duty framework, creating a robust and secure garden boundary. As with all of our panels, our close board fencing panels have been treated and come complete with ground-fixing stakes that help ensure your new garden boundary stays in place year after year.

About the Company

As fence suppliers, we provide a wide range of garden fencing from traditional close board panels to contemporary decorative steel options. Closeboard staket panels are ideal for use as boundary fences in both urban and rural areas and are designed to be extremely hard-wearing and weather-resistant. With our high-quality fencing products, you can create a versatile garden boundary with many styles of design that will enhance your garden or business premises. For more information on our extensive range of garden fencing options, please contact us today.

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Types of Closeboard Fencing

Types of Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fence panels are constructed from sturdy overlapping vertical boards, similar to feather edge fencing panels, and feature a heavy-duty framework, creating a robust and secure garden boundary. Here at fence world, we have six different types of close-board fence panels available: Close board four rail, Close board five rails, and close-board six rails. Our garden fence is available in two heights; 1.9m & 2.4m high. We also supply all of our closed board panels as either horizontal or vertical gates too!

Advantages of Using Closeboard Fencing Panels

A closed board fence panel is one of many options available to homeowners, particularly those who wish to replace an existing garden boundary. But what makes a close-board fencing panel so popular? Although they are similar in appearance and structure to feather edge fencing panels, there are distinct advantages of using them instead. Feather edge panels tend to be lighter than their close-boarded counterparts, but require regular maintenance as they can become damaged more easily by wind or falling objects such as leaves or acorns.

Close-boarded panels also provide greater security for your garden as gaps between boards cannot be used for climbing over or digging under, unlike feather-edged fences which can be easily compromised by determined intruders! When it comes to installing your new fence panel it’s important that you choose a reputable company with years of experience behind them; we’ve been building high-quality products since 1947! All our products come with at least 10-year guarantees against rot and insect attack and our customer service team will always help if you have any questions about choosing your new product!

What Makes Our Wooden Fencing Unique?

What Makes Our Wooden Fencing Unique?

A quality white fence panel should last between 10 to 20 years, and our panels are strong enough to stay in place without any additional support. Our white-close board fencing panels are designed for use both in gardens and around pools, depending on your personal preference. We also make a range of other fencing panels for various purposes, including traditional wooden fencing panels.

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How To Buy

To keep your garden boundary looking its best, it’s important to apply a fresh coat of preservative to all liggande staket each year. A white fence is an attractive feature but does require more care and attention to maintain than other colors. Keep your fence bright by applying preservatives once a year, and make sure you choose one suitable for white or light wood; if you choose another color, look for a weatherproof stain rather than paint.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

What separates our closed board fence panels from other options is that we construct our panels with an overlapping vertical board system, which creates a robust and secure garden boundary. This construction style lends itself to longevity and will withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain, making it an ideal choice for your garden’s boundaries. In addition to these qualities, all of our close board fence panels come complete with white pickets, which are included in their low price.

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