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CharmHealth Software – Features, Pricing, Cost, Integrations, and Mobile Apps

If you are considering CharmHealth Software, you are probably wondering what the most important aspects are. Here, you will learn about its features, pricing, cost, integrations, and Mobile apps. Read on to discover what these features are and how they can benefit your practice. CharmHealth is an EHR system that streamlines the flow of patient referrals. Charmhealth automatically generates invoices after each medical consultation. It also lets patients pay with credit or debit cards.

Features of CharmHealth EHR Software

ChARM Health is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant clinic management solution. The software includes tools to manage patient records, manage billing, and generate invoices based on chart notes. CharmHealth EHR also offers custom reports on practice statistics. It allows users to track patient data, ensure good care, and measure the effectiveness of their practices. Besides these features, CharmHealth is easy to use and maintain. To learn more about CharmHealth, please contact us today.

Track Appointments

The patient portal offers convenience and utility, letting patients request and track appointments, view health reports, and contact providers. This patient portal can also be used to send prescription refill requests, pay bills, and track wellness goals. CharmHealth also includes a mobile application and has a thriving ecosystem of integration partners and APIs. Its patient portal also allows patients to securely message providers and view treatment plans and Rx refills, as well as book appointments, manage health insurance, and receive follow-up notifications.


ChARM EHR software is an excellent cloud-based medical billing solution. There is no initial cost for this medical billing software, and the subscription fee is based on number of encounters created per month, not provider number. This makes ChARM an affordable option for small practices. The software also offers unlimited patient encounters, priority customer support, and appointment reminders. There are also a variety of packages available for different needs and budgets.

Charm Health is a multidisciplinary digital launchpad for health providers. The free plan offers many useful features, including integration with labs and customizable medical record templates. It also pre-populates 50 paper-based insurance claim forms per month. However, it does not offer electronic claim support. The Charm Health platform is available in multiple pricing tiers, including a free trial version. Its free plan also has some limitations, including a limited number of patient encounters per month.


CharmHealth Software provides a centralized platform for managing practice operations, including billing and patient data management. With the help of an integrated payment module, CharmHealth can manage stock levels, custom reorder thresholds, and generate reports. It is also equipped with mobile applications for practitioners to manage consultation chart notes, appointments, and tasks. Additionally, the company has a number of integrations with other software products, such as e-commerce solutions and labs.

With a cloud-based EHR, CharmHealth offers HIPAA compliance and MU Stage 3-2015 Edition certification. In addition, the software comes with a document management module that allows for secure document upload and grouping, as well as tagging documents for easy access by staff members. Ultimately, you can streamline patient care with the use of CharmHealth. Here are some integrations:

Mobile Apps

The CharmHealth Software ecosystem includes a robust range of mobile applications, add-ons, and FHIR APIs. Its Patient portal enables patients to securely message your practice, view summary of visits and treatment plans, pay bills, and schedule appointments using the company’s APIs. Its mobile apps also feature personalized phone and text reminders and support. Developed by medical professionals, CharmHealth software is scalable, flexible, and secure.

With its intuitive design, the CharmHealth EHR allows physicians to easily record patient visits, send immunization information to the state immunization registry, and manage patient records. The app also helps you manage your finances, and generates invoices automatically after medical consultations. CharmHealth allows patients to pay for medical services via credit or debit card. Various analytical tools help you optimize your practice’s workflow. CharmHealth is a comprehensive EHR system, and its free version gives users a taste of advanced features.


The ecosystem of add-ons and mobile applications for CharmHealth is robust, and features a growing number of integration partners. A patient portal, for example, lets patients schedule appointments, check their lab results, and request prescription refills. The patient portal doubles as a personal health portal for patients, saving time and frustration on check-in day. Patients can also request prescription refills and set personalized goals for wellness. The patient portal has also received a high-quality review from experts in the field.

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The EHR module of Charm has many benefits for medical practices. The system is HIPAA-compliant and MU Stage 3-2015 Edition certified, making it ideal for small and midsized medical practices. Users appreciate its easy-to-use user interface and workflow, and praise the features such as integrated patient intake forms, multi-specialty templates, telehealth, and inventory management. The platform also includes an array of analytical tools to help users track their financial health.

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