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CELESTIA LUDENBERG: Character Analysis

this analysis has been highly requested for quite a while so I’m really excited about doing this and let’s go ahead and get started(character). As this analysis is on Danganronpa characters.

So the first thing I want to touch upon in this analysis has to do with,

what I mentioned before in my top executions list and that is that the lease was absolutely repulsed by the idea of normalcy.

She hated the idea of being normal and special this is why she created the identity of celestial Lucifer very little is revealed about sleaze in this past.

Even in her free time she mostly tells 90 fictitious stories about her winning,

you get successful characters and gambling thing manga such as a cocky and 81 diver.

But every once in a while she reveals something that seems to be true regarding her past after she tells 90 her father is French ability and that her mother is part of the German family of musicians.

Nike sees right through

Nike sees right through as a lie but then she reveals the place she was born was,

it’s a Nokia to GQ Japan which is far more realistic sounding than Fraser’s life into cheeky. Also, check- paw patrol characters

She mentioned that she adored the city’s famous street.

Both of these aspects of her life that she reveals in 90 seem to be rather realistic and normal you seem to be proud of them as well.

This makes me believe that there are some aspects of her life as to take yes 0 thought she light in that deep down inside she still is that same person regarding her home life in a relationship their family.

The only mention of her appearance was the obvious fabrications usual Nike it’s never revealed asked whether or not she rejected her parents if they reject her.

But in another episode, it can be noted that the person who was captured by the ultimate the stairs force leases first motive intolerable one end was labeled as the things you care about most was her cat grandly sherry Lunenburg.

This implies that you must not have been on great terms with any of her family and even implies that she really doesn’t have many friends as well next I would like to talk about her priorities.

It seems like she bases a worth off the very surface and or monetary value one obvious example of this would be the dream that she claims she committed murder for indirect.

European castle

One which was living in a European castle with hundreds of handsome vampires the stream in and of itself seems absolutely ridiculous to the point that I even sort of question it.

Whether or not this is a real dream or if it’s just a dream that she presents to the rest of the cast you continue on this character that she’s created for herself that’s not to say that she doesn’t perhaps want this fantasy that you described.

But I believe it’s not quite as 2 dimensional in vain and she makes it seem like I said before many times he hates the idea of being normal and special.

So I believe that she began to fight this sort of normalcy when she learned to forgive her beliefs unless very similar to my disbelief that talent.

She believes that every human at the moment of conception is born with either good or bad but there’s no in between the states and IT interpreter maintenance.

She believes it can overcome any strategy in that she personally was programs have good luck when it comes to gambling and although.

Double murder

We never see her gamble and honorable one week do you see how she acts during the killing game and how she acts during the third class trial.

When she orchestrates a double murder something interesting that I saw online was pointed out that the Tumblr user comes to occur on it.

They stated that she and both of these situations is not. Rely on luck whatsoever the way they describe it is that when she realized she had the scaling it more than likely made her feel weak relying so heavily on something she could not control.

So in order to combat this, she attempted to become skilled at other things that she could use to improve for gambling ability such as lying manipulation etcetera it’s probably a lot less noticeable.

When she attempts to control situations in gambling since you hold such a high power of luck.

Mutual killing games

But they pointed out that in the mutual killing games you are tempted to control the group on several occasions one example being the knights.

Roll that no one should leave the room after a certain time she even acted very thin that asked when people didn’t follow it even claimed that the reason some of the victims died was due to them not following her rule.

So in this example, we can see her obviously attempting to control a situation she didn’t really have a part in the lease has a very bloated yet fragile ego in my opinion.

She tries to convince people in herself that she is better and greater than everyone at least this is the way she acts in the mutual killing school.

You may not necessarily believe it deep down inside as tightly as the hero but as less deliver excuse proper elegant and more cunning than everyone else so in order to protect that character.

80 controlled people

She’s created she always asks the inventor self as a tiger that she knows more than 80 controlled people around her with the nighttime role.

I think she’s doing 2 different things one being that she wants to manipulate the group and control their actions by having them compromise themselves to her role.

She states that she here died because he went against the rules so she could be trying to implant this into the other’s minds that breaking the rule is what killed him.

The second thing I think she is doing is trying to convince herself that she has control over the situation even though she really doesn’t all such up on this a bit more later.

But have a current 9. out that more than likely so least felt very powerless being associated in the mutual killing school because of a lack of strength.

So I believe by saying that the reason that you hear a diet was that he broke the rules it also had been away for her trying to convince herself that she had control over the situation.


So she wouldn’t feel as vulnerable during this killing game so overall The easier term she’s trying to subtly manipulate the group.

The thinking that she knows what’s best that her ideas rules etcetera will save them and she’s trying to convince herself as Tyco of this.

As well police is a master manipulator in attempting to manipulate herself isn’t so far fetched even admits to doing.

So moments before being executed as well but this brings up a question why does she want to control the situation so badly in my opinion.

I do believe it can be traced back to her wanting to be special and thinking of herself as higher than everyone else.

Free time events

As this character of celestial Lunenburg, something I noticed in her free time events and looking back at some for actions and article one is that almost everything she does is to protect that large fragile ego.

She’s created for herself like I mentioned before she talks down to almost everyone, especially that their trials you fabricate stories to make yourself seem more appealing to the others.

She even creates ranks for her relationships in this last part I do wanna touch up a bit on as well as your feels tonight in the free time events that she has a habit of drinking people around here.

These rings are F. E. D. C. B. S. S. she tells not yet moved up from D. to C. when describing the system she states that the rank is where most people fall and that all these people are ones that she has no interest in F.

Frank is the worst rank that there is and she states that she has a special organization that she pays to kill F. brink just for existing would you tell the 90 that he has become a searing explains that he has now gained.

Servant or a night

The rights become her servant or a night she explains that she has several C. rank nights across the world but in all the countries that she visited.

She never comes across an a or a B. right now for someone that seems to base all happiness off the very surface on monetary things it seems rather odd that she would put so much time and effort and think into the ranking.

The relationships of people she has around her in again I believe the fragile ego and image of celestial remembered that she created for herself comes into play here.

She never necessarily describes the type of person listed as an a or a B. rank but I believe that your rank would more than likely be along the lines of the best friend.

A spouse

A rank would probably be a spouse in my opinion you are the most vulnerable when you enter into a relationship with somebody specifically a massive relationship.

So I believe that Phillies would more than likely avoid this at all costs unless she had a ton of hoops for them to jump through which can probably be best represented through this ranking system.

You’ve created this because he does want to protect the ego and image at all costs if she was to enter even a friendship with somebody.

They were to push her away or turn her down after she became so vulnerable it would destroy her emotionally masked psycho.

She would probably also feel that others could see let’s see Lunenburg as being weak which is the opposite of what she wants so in order to avoid the potential destruction of this.

Let’s you remember image trademark interpersonal ego she has created all these different ranks that she has people go through in order to possibly find someone who qualifies enough to become a ring.

Even then she’ll probably present it in some sort of very robotic way probably in the same way that she presents the C.

Business transaction

Rank upgrades 90 stating that it’s a really great offer and she recommends he take it up to notice in this she says absolutely nothing about the notional value.

It’s almost as if it’s a business transaction and I think she would do the same exact thing if he was to meet somebody that you found eligible and not become your future spouse and of course present it.

This way allows her to protect her image by hiding it under the pretense of it being like a job offer so if they reject you can easily act as if it was a decision that didn’t factor at all even after offering and a or V.

Rank position to someone who accepts it I still sort of doubt she will ever truly open up them fully unless you felt just extremely comfortable.

Control her environment

Again trying to control her environment in order to protect her ego can also be seen in her gambling tactics something else went out by a current was the fact that she referenced all these gambling money characters,

Probably symbolizes that she did read about these characters in order to improve her techniques the same way that you try to become more proficient at lying and manipulation she could even read these mailing us to try.

Improve those things I think relying solely on her like given to her at birth would be far too much to rest your ego and that could possibly be the reason she attempts to micromanage and prepare for everything so much.

We can see especially in the third trial like I had mentioned previously Cochran on the source that police had mentioned that she was not good with physical combat.

2 victims

Therefore she was in a perilous position in the mutual killing school unless you could manipulate the other’s actions to our favor she thinks that she commits the murder for her European castle fantasy.

But more than likely another reason she did this is that she felt so powerless in the situation physically and then with the previous 2 victims going gets to rules and no sign of anyone else really.

following her nighttime role probably led her to believe that her medication tactics weren’t working as well as the way in which she could regain power again.

Official decision

It would be to plan out a murder I think her official decision to plan out the murder was not after money humans monetary notes.

But when she noticed how vulnerable you moderate the market had become and how the primary source of thought that she could use to exploit this was through alter ego.

One thing I can never personally understand was why she would give you modest so much power in this murder scheme and that is something that comes occurring on explained in the post about it.

Because when you think about it most of the mistakes in this murder scheme we’re committed by Amanda NYC sample being that most of the things the least tried to accuse,

how the Kerry of committing or even possible because of how the Rosie was designed you couldn’t bend in it you can really get out of it without somebody helping you.


It just sort of went against everything she was accusing him of and this was all your modest falls essentially but they state that they believe that there are 2 reasons as to why police may have given him so much power.

In this firstly she might have wanted to prove herself and that’s exactly what they wrote in the post about it if she wanted to prove how superior she and her being very dreams worked as a socially inept nerd in its own illusions.

Read more here.

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