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Brother xm2701 User Feedback Chart

This is genuine article about Brother xm2701. This post may include affiliate hyperlinks for products that I suggest. If you click on a link and purchase something, I may earn some money. This isn’t a change to the price you’d have to pay.

What’s the word for simple? Over 500 of the most unbiased Brother xm2701 i reviews are compiled into one easy-to-read graph. Find all the details regarding strengths, issues, and common problems from other users who have tried the device without spending long hours going through every single page on your own.

The primary source for these details is 517 customer reviews available on Amazon. All 52 pages. It took a few days to analyze and categorize the data. It was apparent that there must be a simpler method to provide the most crucial details for anyone looking to evaluate this device to other machines that are on their list.

Yes, websites are fantastic at showing the star rating system; however, when it is to sewing machines, a star rating isn’t adequate. A star does not mean “this is a great sewing machine for quilting” or “this machine doesn’t work on denim.”  It simply means that the person who purchased the machine believed it was perfect for their needs, but your requirements and expectations may be different.

The chart below shows the majority of the positives and negatives in the 517 comments.

How to Read The Review Chart

Each line is a crucial aspect to consider when analyzing the machine. The pink-colored bar in the middle shows the percentage of those who have mentioned this issue in a negative light. Dark green indicates the percentage of reviewers who mentioned the issue positively – “favorable.” The light green bar that is in the center of every line is people who did not discuss this factor in their analysis and were classified as “neutral” on the subject.

They’re sorted according to the number of negative reviews, from the smallest to the largest. The reviews that have been criticized most often are at the lower part of the list. Here is the detailed review of brother xm2701 review.


I know that – “Cool looking graph, Erin…what the heck does it all mean?”

I’m a very positive person, but when it comes to spending money, I’d like to be aware of what the downsides are first. Find all the negatives off the table. If something removes one of my lists of possibilities, there’s a good chance it to be one of the negatives. Therefore, starting at the bottom, which has the most commonly cited complaints, and moving upwards, here are the eight complaints that are the most reprehensible. If you’re thinking of buying this product, think about whether you’re able to endure any of these problems:

Problems Of Brother xm2701


All-around Quality. You could receive an unsatisfactory product. Yes. It is possible. It’s the most disastrous possibility that you can experience in the event you purchase this device. Around 5% of people who decided to leave a review returned the product because it did not work, and they cited the high quality of the machine as their argument.

A lot of the complaints were due to terrible clunking noises as well as an unbalanced needle and the casing for the bobbin. However, there were nearly the same number of positive reviews about the overall performance and performance of this machine as complaints. In light of the low percent of quality issues and return rates, the odds of getting the lemon you paid for are appealingly small.

Case/Cover – You may be amazed to find that the case is not really a case but rather an outer shell cover. This was a major issue for some buyers who had hoped to receive a carrying case along with their purchase. Instead, it’s an unbreakable plastic cover that is placed over the machine when the machine is not being used.

It was not equipped with any bottom. It doesn’t design to support any of the accessories. It’s not even able to keep the machine clean from dust since there’s an opening on the upper part for the handle of the machine to pass through.

Some More Problems?

It is possible to carry the machine by putting the handle that is inserted through that hole, and it will keep small hands from the sewing machine to keep it safe when it is not being used. If you’re looking to transport your machine with all the attachments and accessories, you can purchase a carry case or bag. Denim jackets with sewing machine?

Needle Threader It is possible that you may not be in a position to determine the auto needle threader. Some could not. Certain people could and loved it and gushed about it. There were more positive reviews regarding the needle threader that was automatic than negative ones.

The Work Lamp – you may have to purchase a different work lamp. Some people thought that the LED light that was included over the workspace was adequate in brightness. Others believed it was bright. Tips: Buy an additional clamp-on snake light such as that of the Fulcrum Multi-Flex Task light in Silver, and you can highlight anything you’d like at any time.

Denim & Heavy Material – It’s possible that you’ll have issues working with very large fabrics. However, there were more positive comments regarding working with heavy denim and fabric than negative ones. Tips: Purchase and use the appropriate thread and needle that is heavy-duty when working with heavy fabric, and this will perform just fine.


Bobbin Jamming If there’s a factor that could frustrate sewers more than others, it’s a thread jam. Many people have had this kind of issue. Tips: Using top-quality threads and replacement bobbins were usually the solution.

Motions during sewing – The machine could move around when sewing with massive quantities of heavy fabric. If the fabric weighs heavier than the machine that is lighter, it is possible. TIP: Set it on a non-slip surface to keep it from sliding over the floor.

That’s it. There’s no secret. There’s nothing to find out. Also, there’s a possibility that you’ll receive a lemon. However, that’s the case with any product you purchase. (Just ask me. I’ve purchased my fair share of sloppy products over the decades!)

The odds are much better than you think. It’s even likely that you’re likely to be a very content person once you have realized the amazing device you have for the price you pay.

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