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Brilliant Tricks to get rid of Ad Blockers

Best Ad Blocker for Google Chrome

Surfing through the internet for hours and hours isn’t an ‘extreme’ anymore. There’s no end to our searches and our curiosity is almost overfed. Interestingly, every coin has two sides, just like the usage of the ‘world wide web. The users that are more mindful about their searches and productivity tend to get the most out of this endless portal of information. Popguard is the Best Ad Blocker for Google Chrome.

The Ads That We Blame aren’t Always a Bane! In this day and age, the internet seems to know where our eyes and minds wander. The Ads that pop up often miraculously show us products and services of our interest. However Ad Blockers completely deprive the users of this possibility. The chances of coming across these pop-ups nullify and the instant connection with the user reduces to a large extent.

Best Ad Blocker for Google Chrome

Don’t you worry. We’re here with some brilliant tricks to get rid of Ad Blockers-

Option-1 Turn-off Ad Block

  1. Go to settings on your browser.
  2. Click on the Privacy and Security tab.
  3. Open site settings and click on Additional Content Settings.
  4. Go to Ads and turn off ‘block ads’.

Option-2 Turn-off Ad Block for specific sites

  1. Go to the specific site from your browser.
  2. Click on the lock or info icon.
  3. Go to Site Settings.
  4. Under the Ads tab, choose ‘Always allow on this site.
  5. Reload the site

Option-3 Uninstall Total Ad Block Plugin

  1. Open the ‘extensions’ page on your browser.
  2. Locate the Total Ad Block Plugin.
  3. Click on Remove to uninstall the Total Ad Block Plugin.

Going through an academic article? Looking for the quickest remedy for a stubbed toe? Browsing the best locations for your next hangout? Overcrowded websites and overwhelming Pop-ups can be the greatest of agonies for you! While some people are patient enough to locate the smallest of crosses to put an end to their suffering others simply give up on browsing at once.

Advertisements on websites have enhanced businesses and boosted lead generation. However the overall browsing experience now deprives customers of a break-free and enlightening experience. Some ads can simply be ignored once while others are stubborn and completely irritate a viewer. There are a lot of Adblockers but Pop Guard is the Best Ad Blocker Chrome Extension.

Questions about security and speed also arise which further leads to the erosion of potential viewers & customers. Malware creeping into your device, potential danger to data, and slower browsing put off the desired results and even discourage one from relying on websites and apps. However an AdBlocker can put an end to the tormenting setup and bring about a change in the browsing experience.

PopGuard is an effective AdBlocker present in the form of extensions on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. At present, it has over 45000+ users across the globe. An all-around solution for your browsing needs, PopGuard ensures an ad-free and secure experience. It not only blocks Web Ads, Youtube Ads and other pop-ups it secures data from being leaked while one browses through sites. Elimination of online trackers and password protection ensures a seamless and secure experience for all PopGuard users. Removal of Javascript and Onclick Ads in Chrome stands as one of its many upsides. It is the Best Ad Blocker for Google Chrome.

In this day and age, the prevention of cyber crimes should be initiated at an individual level. PopGuard ensures your device doesn’t fall into the trap of phishing websites that track each move one takes and extract data that can cause potential damage to a user.

PopGuard is the holy grail for all those who suffer because of the endless obscene and unwanted ads while browsing.

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Popguard is the Best Adblocker for Google Chrome which prevents popup ads, YouTube ads, web ads, and protect your data from any kind of malwares, ransomwares and other harmful stuff.

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