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BJJ Gear | You Need to Consider

If you practise BJJ long enough, you’ll notice that arranging your BJJ gear and doing the laundry takes up almost as much time as the training itself. You don’t have to buy every item on the list below when you first start BJJ, but you’ll probably find that as time goes on, each item becomes more and more important. in this blog, we will discuss the best BJJ gear to consider.

Gym Bags

  • Gym Bag
  • Washing Machine Bag
  • Mobile Sanitation Bag

You should look for a workout bag that is easy to clean, has lots of compartments, and can be slung over your shoulder. Once you have enough kit, you’ll need a bag with separate compartments for your hygiene pack, Gi, flip-flops, water bottle, and towel.

You should also have a separate laundry wash bag for storing your Gi after class. This will not only help you keep your primary gym bag clean, but it will also make washing your Gi less difficult. A laundry wash bag can help prevent your belt, Gi pant drawstrings, or rashguard from becoming tangled in the agitator if your washing machine has one.


  • Flip-Flops
  • Fighting Boots (Optional)

Every BJJ practitioner needs a pair of flip-flops. You will have to take off your shoes at some point once you enter the gym. This might be directly outside the door or just before you enter the changing area. To let you know where to take off your shoes, the majority of gyms will have some sort of notice posted. Ask the front desk or a staff member who seems knowledgeable if you have any questions.

When selecting a pair of flip-flops, go with a brand that is comfortable and long-lasting. You should bring these flip-flops to every lesson because they should probably only be worn at the gym. Ideally, your workout bag has a side pocket where you can quickly tuck your flip-flops. You can wander through the restroom, changing area, and any other place with flooring without picking up germs on your feet and bringing them onto the mat if you wear them to every class.

If you used to wrestle in high school or college and like to wear wrestling shoes, ask a gym staff member before doing so. While some gyms will permit them and others won’t, you’ll probably discover that the majority of MMA-focused gyms do. If you have problems with your toes, even if you weren’t a wrestler, you might think about trying out wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes can be an excellent way to support the feet, toes, or ankles of persons who are prone to injury in those areas. As an alternative to shoes, you might try taping over these areas.


  • Bottle for Water

BJJ will undoubtedly cause you to become dehydrated even if you consume a lot of water throughout the day. Many individuals enjoy sipping throughout the class because it can be a highly physically demanding activity, especially if you’re wearing your Gi on a hot day. You’ll probably want to have a reusable water bottle that you carry in your gym bag whether you sip on water throughout the class or drink a bottle after.

Body Hygiene

  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Case of Soap
  • Washcloth
  • Towel
  • Deodorant

After class, you should take a hot, soapy shower as soon as you can. I hope you managed to locate a gym with on-site showers. You should put together a hygiene kit that you can keep in your workout bag if your gym does, in fact, have showers. Find a hygiene bag that can hold a variety of shower supplies, but if you’re having problems, check the travel aisle of your neighbourhood department store for smaller goods.

Oral Hygiene

  • toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Mouthwash

Don’t let the fact that most individuals don’t floss, brush, or use mouthwash prior to class prevent you from caring for your teeth. Even if you brush and floss in the morning, by the time you arrive at the evening session, your breath probably smells quite terrible. Even if it doesn’t smell so horrible, your fellow grapplers will be around and will notice even if it doesn’t. It won’t be the end of the world if you can’t brush before class, but if you have time, it would be considerate of you to do so for your training partners.

Clothing for BJJ: Gi

  • Gi Jacket
  • Gap Pants
  • Belt
  • Rashguard
  • Constrictive shorts

A good Gi might cost you several hundred dollars, so assembling a few sets might take some time. Affordable versions are simple to obtain online, and if you’re just starting off, you should usually choose the less expensive alternative. Before it begins to wear out or tear, a decent Custom made Gi will last you for many years. You’ll eventually want to spend money on a high-quality set. Wear a pair of compression shorts below the jeans as well because there is nothing worse than having your underwear bunch or ride up all the time. Every gym will have a different opinion on whether you should wear a rashguard underneath the jacket or not.

BJJ uniform: no gi

  • Boardshorts
  • shorts with compression
  • Leggings
  • Rashguard

Due to the wide variety of colours and patterns available for leggings, board shorts, and rashguards, creating a no-Gi uniform can be a lot of fun. If you need some ideas, look for “Rollbliss bjj” in Google Images to see how professional you can come off. Additionally, by purchasing off-brand items or items from the sale rack, you can assemble a No Gi wardrobe at very little cost. Since you won’t need to invest in pricey Gis, beginning your training in No Gi might be a very economical option. Start your training at a gym that provides no-gi courses if you can in case you decide BJJ isn’t for you.

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