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Better Ways to Get the Most Out of an E-bike

E-bikes received mixed reviews from traditional mountain bikers. E-bike is seen as cheating by some, while others see them as useful for those who can’t ride due to injury or age.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that an e-bike helps to reduce the effort required to climb a hill. However, I believe this is not a cheat. E-bikes have so many benefits that it’s worth looking at all of them.

They are not meant to replace your mountain bike, but rather as an added tool that allows you to maximize your riding experience. An e-bike can be used to improve your skills, have a fun ‘power hour’ on the trails, or allow you to return from a ride with your group without feeling beaten down.

Here are some ways you can get the most from your e-bike

Different ways to approach your ride

As one might expect, e-bikes have different ride characteristics than regular trail bikes. E-bikes are heavier than normal trail bikes, so riders need to adjust their input and braking, and cornering needs.

They reward good technique but punish poor technique. If you apply the brake before you turn, and have a good setup, you will feel more confident and can accelerate through corners. If you don’t have the right setup or brakes applied before a turn, the bike can become unsteady and will try to stop you.

The suspension is an area where the time spent setting up the bike can pay off. An e-bike should feel stable and planted. However, it can sometimes feel too soft and cause the bike’s forward movement under braking. This extra weight is more difficult to control as speeds rise. It’s worth the effort to adjust sag, rebound, and other settings.

E-bikes provide a great transfer to your non-electric bike. Your comfort on technical terrain will be enhanced by the e-bike’s corner grip and traction. Additionally, your bike will feel lighter and more agile under your feet.

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Reevaluate your routes

Additional mountain bike rides can be either a loop, or are centered on one or more hills. The only way down the hill to the bottom is by climbing a fire road.

E-bike riding can offer a different experience than a regular ride. The climbs can be just as fun as the descents. You can enjoy technical climbs and improve your skills by having an e-bike rider assist you.

Similar to motorcycle trials, you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish with the right gear and the right technique. These challenges will keep your ride fresh and will encourage you to learn new techniques to get traction.

For more fun, you can repeat the run

Many of the most technical sections can only be ridden once. It’s an incredible loop, but it wouldn’t be logical to do the same track twice on the ride.

These rules can be ripped up with an ebike Eskute, and trails that you have only ridden once are now easily accessible and repeatable. This not only adds more “miles per hour” to your ride but also allows you to improve your technique on technical terrain. Tough corners can be difficult because they aren’t properly inspected and ridden multiple times. It is a great way to improve your riding skills and learn tracks multiple times.

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Make sure you use the modes well

Most people start their e-bike journeys in Turbo mode. This is where you will be most comfortable, smiling with motorbike sounds and soaking up the climbs. As you get more comfortable with e-bike riding, you will discover that there are many other modes to choose from.

Trail or Tour mode provides enough assistance without feeling intrusive. It can also allow you to experience decent heart rate increases during climbs – which can be a great fitness bonus. Turbo is a powerful option for steeper climbs. It gives you a lot of power before reaching the limiter. This can spin up the back wheel, making it harder to climb. To give the rear wheel more bite and traction, you can drop the turbo mode.

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