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Best Ways to Store your Grains through Chiller Machine

Once the grain season is over, the farmers have to encounter the final boss – storage management. Since grains are usually store for a longer period, storage at the initial stage requires adequate management. Grains become an extremely important part of human nutrition and when the production relocates from the fields to the silos, there shouldn’t be any room for mistakes. Buying a grain chiller machine from a reputed chiller manufacturer in India becomes an important decision for the farmers.

Maximize the life of Grains

To maximise the grain storage life and preserve the yield, there are many farmers who choose to store their grains in silos. These silos are high-capacity commercial or industrial structures that are use for permanent grain storage. Apart from the storage, these silos provide other post-harvest management functions. For example, silos are use as grain collectors and distributional centers from which the grains are distributed according to demands.

Required proper Functioning

As grains are store after the harvest, it becomes important for every piece of grain to be in the perfect situation. If a single piece of grain is infected, the infection will further increase just like a nuclear blast. Once your grain is compromise, you won’t be able to preserve the grains even if the infected grains are separate. Most importantly, most silos provide initial grain processing functions that include drying, cleaning, aerating, fumigation, and turning the grains to increase their shelf life. If you are a silo facility owner, you can install a chiller machine from a reputed chiller manufacturer in India and increase the demand for your facility. Even if you charge a little bit extra from the market price, people will prefer your storage because the facility will be safe for them.

You might wonder, but if a storage facility is infected by insects, molds, aflatoxin, etc. you will hardly be able to recover the losses because silos aren’t expose to direct sunlight. And the only way to save the grains will be the proper fumigation and expert support which can cost you a fortune.

Here are some of the best ways through which you can easily save the grains inside the silos and gain the trust of your customers.

Grain Chillers

These are not exactly chillers like AC and refrigerators. But these are the big machines that maintain the moisture inside the silo. One should not confuse cold storage with chiller because the temperature of cold storage can go up to minus degrees Celsius. But in the case of the grain chillers, the moisture is maintain so that grains are in good condition. If there is a negative temperature inside the silo, the moisture amount will increase and the grain can go bad.


Environment and human-friendly fumigation should be done inside the silo to prevent insect infestation. The grains are the best and ideal place for the breeding of insects. And even the droppings of the birds can increase the insect infestation. If there is a possibility of a foreign invasion of birds and animals. Bring down the possibility to zero percent because you cannot afford a spoiled grain stock at any cost.

Move the Grains

This is one of the most conventional and proven ways to keep a check on the grain and its quality. If you remember, in Indian households, our mother used to shake the containers of grains and rice. This was done to check the quality and get an idea of the grain’s health. Imagine you turn the complete stock upside down and see the water seeping from the corner of the silo into your grains. Immediately you can save your grain by removing the bad ones.


Nowadays, grain preservation has become a necessary factor that cannot be ignore at any cost. So, if you are a silo owner, consider the above mentioned grain preservation techniques.

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