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Best Vastu for Construction All Around the World

Vastu is a Vedic science with roots thousands of years old that is used to design and construct new buildings and homes. Vastu comes with the idea that the property maintains their natural balance and attracts prosperity. In an online blog, titled “Best Vastu for Construction All around the World,” the author takes you through the best Vastu for Construction practises in various countries all around the world!


Purpose of Vastu

Vastu is a system of architectural practices that originated in India, which has a scientific and logical base and aims at overall prosperity in space. Vastu literally means nature and the purpose of Vastu is to provide balance between the universe’s five elements- earth, water, fire, air, and space. There are many different methods for achieving this balance. Achieve the balance of Vastu by placing the related activities like kitchen (fire element), borewell (water element), garden (air element) in the appropriate directions. Colour therapies as per Vastu also helps achieve the same.  


How to create a good Vastu?

There are many ways to create a good Vastu.

  1.   You can achieve it by building your house or choosing a spot for it, in compliance with Vastu guidelines.
  2. It is important to have the correct placement of windows, doors, furniture, utilities etc.
  3. If you are planning for any construction work in your house, make sure that you design it as per complete knowledge of vastu shastra.
  4. Decide the placement of activities in the right direction, choice of colors, direction for sleeping or studying etc. as per vastu guidelines. This ensures positive energy flow through your home.


Main Points of Vastu

Vastu is an ancient architecture and construction related science, based on pure logic & practicality that uses a set of geometric, mathematical, and spiritual principles to design and build structures in accordance with the surrounding environment. The prime motive of Vastu is to enhance the energy level of the building to make it conducive for growth & prosperity. 

Tips for Best Vastu in your Home

Vastu is an ancient science that is used to determine and enhance the flow of energy in one’s environment. Most often, this idea applies to architecture and construction. It helps to create a healthy environment for living. Using Vastu principles can allow you to build something that will not only be beautiful, but will also be healthier for your family and loved ones. This also ensures we grow & prosper without any challenges. 


Best Directions for a House or Building

There are many different regions in the world, each with its own cultural values. One of those places in India, and its culture has many valuable guidelines for construction and architecture which the world follows. For example,

  1. One of these Vastu guidelines is building the entrance of the house in a positive direction.
  2. We must avoid negative entrances like the south-west entrance.
  3. Similarly, the building should follow the principles of five elements. The kitchen in the direction of fire element (south-east) and garden in the direction of air element (east). 
  4. The water sources like underground water tank or borewell should be in the North or East direction.
  5. The building should be constructed towards the South-West & West direction of the plot.
  6. The direction between West and North-West is the ideal directions to plan for the septic tank or sewerage manholes. 
  7. Place the overhead water storage tanks towards South-West direction of the building.

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