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Benefits of Dash Cam

Dash Cam

With the increasing popularity of dash cams, it’s easy to see why people are investing in ways to drive smarter. The benefits that drivers, bystanders and other road users see from using a dash cam may change your mind about whether a dash cam is worth the financial investment.

A dash cam can provide more than just footage of the driver’s driving. With a wealth of features, dash cams give drivers an advantage in driver awareness and safety, and when combined with a radar detector, they create a perfect driver warning system.

Whether you want to monitor a parked car, watch your teenager drive, or have proof that you were not at fault in an accident, dash cams can be a great addition to your vehicle. Read on for more details on each of the benefits listed.

1. Obtaining First-Hand Evidence Of The Accident

Having a second view of the road through dash cam footage can help you prove fault in accidents and is a great way to ensure your insurance premiums don’t go up. Another big reason to have a dash cam is to catch hit and run drivers. Dishonest or panicked drivers may decide to flee the scene once they realize they’ve caused an accident, leaving you out on the hook to pay the cost of any damages. Not only can you see the incident with a dashcam, but with a high definition camera you should be able to see the license plate to help the police track down the responsible party.

2. Parents Can Monitor Punctual Drivers

Seeing your baby alone for the first time can be overwhelming, but with dash cams, features like GPS tracking and G-sensors can detect impacts and trigger alerts. According to the CDC, the risk of motor vehicle accidents among teenagers aged 16-19 is higher than any other age group.

In fact, data from the National Household Travel Survey shows that 16-year-olds are 1.5 times more likely to crash per mile than 18- or 19-year-old drivers. Dash cam footage can serve as training opportunities so that new drivers can be trained to drive more safely and responsibly. Parents can provide an extra layer of security by including an on-board camera with a view into the cabin, which will record what the driver and passengers are doing inside the car.

3. Send Dash Cam Footage To Insurance Companies

Insurance rates can vary due to many factors, including age, mileage and driving record. Speeding and accidents can cause your insurance rates to jump, sometimes more than three times what they would be. If there is an accident, you can have a dash cam that offers incident reporting, you can streamline the claims process for a faster experience and prove that you are not at fault.

No one wants to be involved in an accident, but even the most careful drivers can be hit by the less careful drivers around them. Instead of relying on he-said, she-said in the event of an accident, providing video footage is an undeniable way to see how the incident happened.

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