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Beautiful Christmas Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids, Do you feel like painting some Christmas pictures? We’ll use this easy-to-follow step-by-step sketching tutorial to learn how to draw a Christmas tree together.

This project is simple enough for people of all ages and artistic abilities, from complete beginners to more experienced artists. Do you want to draw more artistically? View the complete collection of our simple drawing tutorials, which are always expanding.

While drawing a star may be challenging for some people, this Christmas tree drawing instruction is very simple. If you need help creating a star, you can also check out our simple how to draw a star tutorial.

Making a simple triangle and decorating it is one approach to designing a Christmas tree. Making intricate, curving lines will give your picture a more realistic appearance. Our drawing instruction balances the two, combining their beauty and simplicity. I assure you that you’ll soon be able to design a cute tree.

Beautiful Christmas Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids

Drawing a Christmas tree:


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What you require:

  • Our downloadable model (optional)
  • Supplies for pectin or paper markers.

Easy Christmas Tree Drawing Instructions:


  • Create an inverted V shape to begin (or unfinished A).
  • Connect the open ends of your shape with a curved line.


  • Underneath the initial shape, draw a second, somewhat larger shape.
  • Another followed, this one slightly bigger than the first. You see? You are nearly finished!
  • Draw a trunk at the bottom and a star at the top. Easy! And you’re about finished.
  • Decorate as Step 6! You can design as many decorations as you like, but we kept it straightforward by including only a few circles and ribbons.


  • Have you ever wished you could sketch Santa Claus but lacked the knowledge? Is the artwork on your Christmas tree more spooky than joyful? Then perhaps you ought to try some detailed drawings.
  • Drawing tutorials that walk you through each step will help you create various images. They feature schematics that make it simple to visualize the structure of your drawing, allowing you to choose which elements to concentrate on first and which ones to add details to later.
  • Why not look at this wonderful collection of worksheets with step-by-step drawing instructions for Christmas? These sheets, which include drawings of Santa Claus, reindeer, a sleigh, and a Christmas tree, are available for download and printing.

Using a pencil, create a Christmas in the steps:

  • You should start with pencil sketches if you are interested in drawing landscapes. You will require the following:
  • Medium-hard paper, well-sharpened pencils in a range of softness, and an eraser.
  • Understanding the shading method is critical if you want to sketch landscapes with a pencil. It helps to give the landscape’s details volume and a sense of realism. You can depict a tree’s shadow or a bush’s reflection in the river.
  • The horizon line is marked. This will aid in creating perspective so that you can put your landscape elements precisely.

Beautiful Christmas Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids

Simple Drawing:

  • Let’s use a concrete example to illustrate the sequence. Consider wanting to illustrate a summery scene with a forest and a river.
  • The horizon line is marked.
  • We trace the river’s outlines. The river should be wider in the lower portion of the sheet and narrower in the upper part, according to the laws of perspective.
  • We start outlining the specifics. Using short and long winding lines will simulate a moving river. The effect will be improved if stones of varying sizes and shapes are positioned in the river to curve around the current.

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