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Batch Print & Export Emails from Mac Apple Mail to PDF on Mac

Guide to export Mac Apple Mail emails with attachments to PDF on Mac at once

Looking a solution to export emails from Apple Mail to PDF process execution? If yes, then simply continue reading the blog as here we have provided MacMister Apple Mail Converter for Mac application which will effortlessly save Apple Mail messages as PDF in three simple clicks. However, let’s start by taking help of scenario which is quite common now and many users are dealing with it

“My colleague has forwarded me bulk email messages in my Apple Mail email client. As these emails grasp some important information about our company hence, I want this documents only for a reading purpose. And, for this purpose I want to process Apple Mail save message as PDF format. But the problem is I do not know that how to implement Apple Mail print email to PDF file format along with attachments. Can anyone please assist me what should I do to resolve this problematic situation?”

Well! I deeply performed analysis of your problem and done the research on it many times. And, for this I got the two techniques in which first is you have to perform entire process manually or you can go with professional approach. Ok! Not to decide what to do? Don’t worry just read out this blog at the end in which you can find out the both type of solutions so that you can come out at the right decision. First let’s discuss some different reasons that forces users to export Mac Mail to PDF file format.

Reasons for Apple Mail Print Email to PDF Process

PDF document has numerous advantages but here we have discussed only the important ones.

  • PDF file retains the proper formatting of the document.
  • Users can easily protected their PDF by using in-built Password option.
  • PDF file format facilitates with Document-Level Security.
  • The Compression of PDF document file is substantial.
  • PDF file can be viewed and opened on any platform.

Apart from the above mentioned features of PDF, there are lot more other options which many organizations and individuals find very attractive.

However, now comes the main part “how to print Apple Mail emails to PDF format?” There are basically two stages when converting Apple Mail email messages to PDF. In the first stage, we will discuss the steps of extracting mailboxes from Apple Mail. In the second, we will discuss the about the process to export Apple Mail emails to PDF.

How to Save Apple Mail Messages to PDF on Mac?

Apple Mail Converter for Mac is an application which allow users to print Apple Mail emails to PDF on Mac with attachments. With the support of the application, users will resolve the problem of how to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF file format with all attachments, formatting and important details. This solution is easily accessible by any type of users on all Mac OS versions whether the user is from technical background or non-technical background. As it comes with much more quality benefits to its users which gives several advance facilities such as batch option, naming option, saving option, etc. The application is completely a Mac supportive program which can be easily implementable on any Mac OS version including Mac OS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, etc.

However, before purchasing the solution, users can try the complete software working using free version that permits to export first 25 MBOX files to PDF file format at free of cost. With this free version, users can check the working efficiency of the software.

Steps to Export Apple Mail Emails to PDF with Attachments

#1: Extracting Mailboxes from Mac Mail

  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. Go to the required folder item that one want to export and select
  3. From Menu bar, navigate to Mailbox and choose Export Mailbox.
  4. Set destination path and click Choose.
  5. The process will start and in few seconds, the necessary files will successfully get extracted.

#2: Print Apple Mail Emails to PDF

Step 1. Download and run Apple Mail to PDF Converter on Mac.

Step 2. Choose the required option and load the important Apple Mail mailboxes on the software for conversion into PDF and click Next.

add Apple Mail files

Step 3. Apple Mail mailboxes will list with checkboxes. The use of checkbox can help those who want to export the required Apple Mail emails to PDF with attachments. When done, continue by clicking Next.

selective conversion

Step 4. Choose PDF format when clicking Select Saving Option.

saving option

Step 5. Apply PDF sub-options according to the requirements and initiate the process by clicking Export button.

Step 6. Apple Mail to PDF Conversion is Live and using this, users can track the process status as shown-

conversion process

After this, users will get “Conversion Completed” message once the Apple Mail emails successfully converted into PDF format. Now, go to PDF file location to check the clarity of output. The originality of Apple Mail emails will be converted with 100% accuracy and the data integrity will also remain preserved during the process.

Last Verdict

The blog has provided an incredible approach to export emails from Apple Mail to PDF with attachments. The MBOX Converter for Mac is a wonderful solution which comes with safety measures and help users to save Apple Mail email messages as PDF without delivering troublesome message. Download free software version and test the conversion process by printing 25 Apple Mail messages into PDF free of cost.

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