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Bachelor’s Degree in Law- Prospective Careers

Law University in Bangalore

In the contemporary scenario, it is not unfamiliar to see people pursuing a career by seeing its return on investment. It is not even bad to consider the financial perks you may get after completing your higher education. But you can invest your precious time and hard work into a career that you are enthusiastic about, only. Therefore, considering opportunities after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law is a great idea. In this article, you will read about the opportunities that you have after finishing an LLB program. If you are choosing top Law colleges in Bangalore then you get access to career orientation sessions.

Many students start to dream about becoming a lawyer after being inspired by the performance of an actor in a movie. However, as they grow up they realize the significance of this career. Today, the law has reached beyond the barriers of courtrooms. A pursuant of Law is not restricted to a job role of an advocate and the career spectrum has become wider for the students. By the means of diverse roles in the legal profession, a lawyer can help in the growth and development of various sectors of her country. You can make a preferred career in the stream by opting for a Law University in Bangalore. Mentioned below are the available options you can pursue after completing your Bachelor’s Degree in Law.


People often fail to distinguish between the job of a lawyer and an advocate. A lawyer could be any person who has completed his degree in law, but he may or may not be in practice. However, an advocate is a practicing lawyer who, actually, fights for justice for people. To represent a victim or culprit in court, you may have to pass a Bar Council Exam. But before that, you have to acquire experience by the means of internships.

You may have to apply in writing and do a great deal of research before you get accepted for an internship under a reputed attorney. 20 weeks of the internship is required for a student who has completed 5 years of Degree. The norms for internships are set by the Bar Council of India. If you are applying to the top Law colleges in Bangalore, you can get guidance from your mentors regarding internships.

Civil Services

The exam for Civil Services is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. However, restricted numbers of candidates are selected from a large number of applicants. If the area of advocacy does not inspire you then try opting for civil services. A student of law has a great advantage in the area of Administrative Services as it is dedicated to policy making. Since the lawyers are aware of criminal codes, penal codes, acts, and policies that are already in function, they understand the lacunas in the system much better. Also, they do not find it hard to study the subjects required in UPSC. Therefore, dedicated candidates from the field of law have a brighter chance in clearing the exam and sustaining the work culture of policy making.

Legal Content Writers

The professional spectrum of a content writer in law is very broad. From a person with a multinational business to a small start-up and from a novice reader of legal terms to advanced level students, everyone needs quality written material about the law. A content writer can use the power of words to pursue the readers about law adherence and the quality of legal aid in his country. As a legal content writer, you can inform the people about corporate law, national law, international or sea law, criminal proceedings, and so on. The people of India need quality education about the terms of the law in their country and legal aid offered by their government. Your knowledge can be an endowment for many. Now, you can pursue a legal education at a Law University in Bangalore.


Before planning your career in the field of law, consider your options thoroughly. There are numerous options and means of pursuing law as a career.

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