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Amazing Things That Double Decker Bed Can Be Made Into

Although the children may have outgrown their double decker bed , your house may not have outgrown the bunk beds. With or without the beds, the upper and lower platforms can be used as new spaces for unwinding or organising. The 2 sleeping areas can be transform into something that works in practically any room of your house, depending on your preferences or requirements.

Storage Facility

A double decker bed can be use as storage shelf in a spare room or family room. The big, mattress-free “shelves” can be use to store seasonal clothing, athletic equipment, boxed Christmas ornaments, and even the tree. If any of your newly discovered storage shelves are made up of just a few loose slats, cover them with sturdy 1/2-inch plywood to give them a solid foundation. Hanging curtains from a rod attached to the bed’s upper rail can help the shelving unit blend in and conceal its contents. The curtains should be a colour that complements the room or matches the walls.


Bed and Playhouse for Cats

Bed and Playhouse for Cats

Cats enjoy curling up in soft places, and they enjoy climbing and exploring high structures. An elegant cat climbing tower and bed can be made out of an old bunk bed with the mattresses still attached. To entice your playful cat or mellow kitten, hang some cat toys from the ceiling and spritz the bed with catnip spray. For convenience of washing, wrap the mattresses with protective coverings.

Center for Play and Hangout

Your children can still benefit from the unit even if they aren’t sleeping in the bunk beds. A preteen or teen enjoys a reading nook or hangout “loft” on the upper floor, which is surrounding by plush seats. For smaller children, the lower floor transforms into a “tent,” playhouse, or other play area when it is curtained off.

Advanced Daybed

Advanced Daybed

A daybed is essentially a three-sided wraparound headboard. Placing one of the long open sides of your bunk bed against a wall will allow you to use the lowest platform and mattress as a daybed. It should be surround by appealing, large cushions, and a canopy should be create above it by stringing opaque drapes from the ceiling. Use the daybed for visitors and the top loft for storage.

Little Office

Convert the resulting open space into a comfortable home office without the lower platform or bed. Build a custom desk or measure the area and hunt for a desk that fits the space after stabilising the “walls.” Add a desk chair, some lights, and some art. For seclusion and noise reduction, board up the sides with panelling, weathered wood slats, or drywall. Put file boxes, manuals, or office supplies on the upper platform.

Think broad

Disassemble the bunk beds, then use metal brackets to connect them side by side. Modify the frame by trimming and sanding the posts, headboards, and footboards, as well as, if necessary, removing the side rails and safety locks. Enjoy the new, spacious bed for yourself by painting the bed a “grown-up” neutral black or white.

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