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Action MMORPG the most dynamic non-target games

We have compiled a list of the best non-target MMORPGs in our opinion that will make you frantically hit the keyboard and click your mouse buttons half to death.

The online role-playing market is full of the same type of projects, and many are already tired of this uniformity. Non-target MMORPGs were a breath of fresh air: thanks to a system borrowed from shooters, auto-targeting became impossible, whi必利勁
ch enlivened the gameplay and forced players to rely more on their own skills than cool clothes and character stats.


Already at the MBT stage, the project managed to become one of the most discussed MMORPGs in the Russian Federation . The success of the Lost Ark is largely due to its dynamic non-target combat , which forces you to simultaneously dodge enemy attacks and try to heal the enemy or ally yourself in the case of healers.

The battles with raid bosses turned out to be especially hurricane – in battles with them you have to use the active environment (guns, traps, mechanisms and magical items) and take into account that the boss himself can use the features of the location against you, for example, drag you under water.


The basic gameplay of this action-RPG is similar to many representatives of this genre (for example, Diablo), but there are also important differences that make this project unique in its own way. In order for your character to learn any active skill, you need to find a gem corresponding to the skill and insert it into your weapon or armor. As your character levels up, all gems inserted into the slots on active equipment also gain experience and increase their effectiveness.

The system for leveling passive skills here is also very different from diabloids – regardless of class, your character will always have access to the entire tree of passives that exist in the parking games unblocked.


Combining a non-target Action-RPG with a third-person shooter has always been a great way to make battles dynamic, spectacular and memorable. This recipe, implemented in The Division, has already made Massive Entertainment a lot of money, and in the spring of 2019 it is time for a sequel.

The plot of the second part continues the story told in the original, only the place of battles between the survivors of the epidemic of elite special agents and various gangs of marauders was transferred from New York to metropolitan Washington. After (and even during) the passage of the single-player campaign, you can go to the Dark Zone and fight other gamers and bots for valuable loot.

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Guild Wars 2 sticks to the best traditions of action MMORPG. However, there are moments in GW 2 that distinguish it from other projects. The game has classes unusual for the genre, for example, ghosts , drawing their powers by referring to the spirits of deceased warriors. In addition, there are almost no classic quests here. Most of the tasks consist of participating in dynamic events that occur at a certain time in a certain place.

Naturally, an important part of the gameplay is leveling the guild and participating in various guild events.


Now you will not find a person who has not heard about the Diablo series in the afternoon with fire. The third part revived the interest of gamers in this truly legendary project, and cool graphics attracted a generation that did not find the first games in the series.

Developers from Blizzard left all the best and added the missing. The MMORPGs game is endless, because each raid on the dungeon is not like the previous one, you can knock out unique items before the second coming. In addition, now items of equipment can be dismantled for spare parts. The character leveling system has also been changed. And the attentive attitude of the developers to the details really enlivened the world and its inhabitants.


This game is a prequel to the entire Elder Scrolls series and tells about the famous events of the Second Era, when many powerful forces fought for power, including Molag Bal and Mannimarco, the King of Worms car parking games unblocked.

The huge open world , role-playing and combat systems are carry over from the singles with cosmetic changes, so that fans of the series will master the MMORPGs game without problems. And the non-linearity of tasks will add motivation to create more and more new characters.


The legendary Neverwinter is back again – now in an online version. This game can be call the best attempt to date to transfer the spirit and mechanics of DnD to the online world. Many features of the series’ singles have also been transfer to the online version – even their modifiability is reflect in the form of a quest editor that gets into the game after moderation.

PvE and PvP aspects of the game are equally develop, and the storyline is one of the most develop in the MMORPG world.



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