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About Free Covid Testing in Granada Hills Everyone Should Know

COVID-19 has everyone on their toes, and if you are among them, there is no need to worry because we have you covered at urgent care in Granada Hills. Here we offer rapid covid testing granada hills and PCR testing. You will receive the results the same day if you want. Therefore, get yourself protected by booking a same-day appointment with us. This article details COVID-19 antibody testing that you need to know. Read on.

What Is Antibody Testing?

The information going around and in the media outlets regarding COVID-19 confuses most people. It is challenging to tell the differences between tests related to this virus. A Granada Hills antibody test will help the physician determine if you have had COVID-19 and have now developed antibodies. This test is different from the rapid covid testing Granada Hills because this test is used to diagnose COVID. Here is an extensive article to help you better understand difficulties related to COVID-19.

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What Happens During an Antibody Test?

Typically, you can perform an antibody test on your own at home. A test kit is delivered to you through a post and after receiving it, carefully read the instructions. You will prick your fingertip to collect blood in a tube with a lancet tool. Unless you are self-isolated, you can ask someone to help you do it if you are nervous. After you are done conducting these tests, you can mail the outcome.

Why Is It Critical to Have Antibody Tests Done?

Granada Hills antibody testing is also called serology testing. The best time to perform these tests is when you fully recover from COVID. The accuracy of these tests will tell its eligibility which mainly varies. During these tests, the provider starts by drawing the blood sample. They can either do this by using a syringe to collect blood from the vein in their arm or can use a stick to prick their fingertip. The collected blood sample is taken to the lab to detect antibodies. The immune system typically generates these antibodies. They are proteins designed to fight and eliminate the virus from your system.

Suppose the antibody test’s outcome detects the antibodies, which means you had COVID-19 and defeated it at some point. It can as well indicate that you have developed immunity against the virus. But it has yet to be proven if the developed antibodies can help protect you from another COVID infection. Also, it needs to be made clear how long these antibodies stay in the blood, and the level of immunity still needs to be discovered. The type of antibody determines the accuracy of these tests. 

FDA only permits certain types of COVID-related tests. Performing these tests too early or when you have just contracted the virus might fail to detect the antibodies because they are still developing. It is, therefore, recommended you take these tests 14 days after the symptoms have developed. Suppose these tests were performed safely and accurate outcomes were achieved; if you have recovered from the virus, you can donate plasma. This is a critical component in the blood that typically creates antibodies. Patients with antibodies can donate plasma to help others boost their immune systems and fight viruses and infections.

How Antibody Testing Reduces the Spread of COVID-19

You can start treatment immediately when you get tested for COVID-19 through PCR testing, and the outcome is positive. Self-quarantine may begin to prevent the VIRUS from spreading. It is challenging to achieve total accuracy when testing for COVID-19. Sometimes you can test positive when you are not infected or test positive when you are infected.

Therefore, make sure to follow the rules laid down for COVID by the clinic for Disease Control and Infections. These guidelines are wearing a mask in public, washing your hands, and maintaining social distancing. With these tests, it is easy to tell the number of people that had covid and recovered significantly if they never developed symptoms. It is also easy to determine who has immunity with these tests. However, at the moment, it is impossible to tell how long the antibodies will stay in the blood.

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Antibody tests are not meant to check if you are immune to COVID-19. This article details PCR covid test Granada Hills and antibody testing. Both of these tests are available at the facility, and to get them; you will need a prescription from your healthcare provider. Having COVID antibodies does not mean you are immune from the virus. It only means you had the virus and recovered from it and developed antibodies. Also, you can still infect others.

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