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A Guide for Bhandardara Camping

Lakeside Tents

Bhandardara Camping is a cool hill location in Maharashtra’s Sahyadri area that is discreetly nestled. This pristine location provides a beautiful view of the exquisite landscape, with its green, faultless hills and, of course, plenty of stunning waterfalls. There’s also the beautiful Arthur Lake, the Kalsubai Walk, and a number of campgrounds, and Bhandardara remains a popular resort for city dwellers from Mumbai and Pune seeking a respite in nature.


Imagine a scene of cosy tents on the side of a sparkling blue lake with millions of stars filling the night sky; Bhandardara will bring this ideal to life. As the sun sets and rises, the clouds are lighted in a spectrum of colours, including blue, lilac, and orange. As a result, Arthur Lake is one of the most well-known hill resort destinations. Bhandardara trekking and camping chances had just as many crystal-clear lakes, waterfalls, fishing, and boating opportunities before the wet season. Cycling, sports, and boating are all available during the rainy season, and Bhandardara boasts a great number of crystal-clear rivers.

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Bhandardara offers a vast array of opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation to visitors of all kinds. Because of its proximity to Mumbai and growing tourist connectivity, it is a must-see site.


By car, the best recommended route is through Bhandardara. Public transportation has the potential to ruin a pleasant journey. The roadway is lined with restaurants and hotels, making the journey enjoyable. The journey by road takes about 3.5-4 hours and is about 160-190 kilometres from Bhandardara, the main town. Campaigns around Arthur Lake may be tough to find if you depend just on Google Maps. You might seek assistance from locals or hire a travel company to assist you in finding the location. Parking places are usually plentiful within a short distance of the campsites, however a dirt road is required.

The resort is 60 kilometres from Kasara station and 45 kilometres from Igatpuri station. You can either take the Nandigram Express Train, the Kolkata Mail, or the Howrah Mail from CST to Igatpuri. There are still a lot of buses, however they aren’t very reliable.

If you are travelling in a party or with friends, you can take a private car or jeep from Kasara station to Bhandardara for approx Rs 1000-1200. This is more efficient and convenient, but it also provides better value for money because the total amount can be divided. If you’re travelling alone or with a friend, you can take your jeep to Varangushi for around Rs 140 and then take a jeep to Shendi for around Rs 30. When going alone, Bhandardara is around 4 kilometres away and offers a second jeep for approximately 20 Rs and/or a private jeep for approximately 500 Rs.

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Near the lake, there are numerous vacation businesses and individuals who offer tents, camping, transportation, and food. Travel agencies that provide camping amenities such as tents, bonfires, and food are driving up rates.

Best Time to Visit

The finest months to visit are July through September, when the waterfalls and meadows around the hills are at their most picturesque.
The months of October through February are ideal for camping and trekking.

Summer is typically hot and dry, making it unsuitable for a visit. However, fantastic hotel rates are available throughout the season, and the lake itself is still breathtaking. Summer is typically hot and dry, making it unsuitable for a visit. However, the season at the hotels can be great, and the lake itself is still stunningly gorgeous in the evenings.

Places recommendations to visit

Place 1: Lake of Arthur

The Pravara River forms Arthur’s lake, which has religious significance because Agastya Rishi meditated here for years. This lake is approximately 34 kilometres long and includes the Wilson Dam. The serene lake and brilliant blue sky are breathtaking all day; as the sun rises and sets, the night skies are lighted by the stars. Plunging tents, sunbathing sessions, looking, and exploring the natural pathways through the heavier forests make this area in Bhandardara, about 2 kilometres from the Bhandardara Camping Village, a must-see. When travelling by rail, private automobiles or shared jeeps from Kasara and Igatpuri Station are convenient options.

Place 2: Strong Council

The Sahyadri ranges are seen from this historic fort. The top of the mountain has a natural rock divide dubbed “Eye of the Needle” or “Nedhe” as the “Jewels of the Fort,” which is a must-see for every outdoor enthusiast. Bhandardara is about 12 kilometres away. It’s located.

Place 3: Temple of Amruteshwar

Amruteshwar is Lord Shiva’s temple, which is over a thousand years old. Under the Shiv Lingam, there’s also a naturally formed hot spring (the statue of Lord Shiva). According to legend, the Pandavas founded this location in the Mahabharata. During rainy seasons, water also floods the inner area of the holy place. Visitors to the temple have a mysterious feeling, which adds to the excitement. The Amruteshwar temple is located in Ratanwadi, at the bottom of the Ratandgad fort.

Place 4: Randha Falls

It is India’s third-largest waterfall, transforming water from a height of 170 feet into the gleaming Randha Waterfall. People can explore the waterfall by walking around it. Many guests take a bath in the reservoir of the waterfall. It’s the ideal area to spend a weekend in the middle of nature, thanks to the cool wind and rich atmosphere. This magnificent falls, located 10 kilometres from Bhandardara, is a key hydroelectric source in the Bhandardara district. The river Pravara. The second best option is to hire jeeps at the Kasara Station (62 km away), which is directly on the Randha, for approximately 120 Rs per person.

Sandhan Valley:

During the rainy season in the Sandhan Valley, a peculiar phenomena called a reverse waterfall happens due to strong wind pressure and precipitation. Sandhan Valley is another name for Maharashtra’s Grand Canyon. Remember to bring good traction shoes and a raincoat. The entire route is designed for experienced trekkers with prior trekking experience. The distance from Bhandardara Camping to Samrad’s base settlement is around 23 kilometres. It takes around an hour to complete. Samrad’s base village may be reached by private automobile from Igatpuri, Kasara, and Bhandardara Camping. The Reverse Waterfall is around 30 minutes away from Bari’s base settlement. It takes roughly eight hours to complete the route.

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