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A Beginners Guide to T-Shirt Printing

Printing service London is one of the thriving businesses at the present time that everyone wants to be involved in. No problem about that. However, before you make up your mind about initiating a t-shirt printing business, think for a while about how well prepFared you are! 

Do you know what you need to run a t-shirt printing business? Are you missing something? How do you know which printing method would be best suited for you? While t-shirt printing is popular now, it’s extremely competitive at the same time. You have so many competitors already that pleasing the consumers and ensuring quality while marking yourself distinguished from others need a lot of hard work. 

So, if you are a complete beginner and have not much experience in the apparel printing industry, then this article is what you should be looking for. Business means taking risks, but nobody wants to face loss at the start. Hence, this article is all set to guide you with printing methods, t-shirt details, and a lot more essential information. 

About T-shirt Printing Industry

T-shirt printing might seem like a new trend. However, printing on fabric material has been present here since the 900s. The origin is found in ancient China, where silk screens were used for printing. Eventually, this printing method was revolutionized to make it easily applicable for mass apparel production. 

Specifically, about t-shirt printing the idea got popular after the war between Spain and America. During this war, the US Navy used short-sleeved crew neck t-shirts to wear as an undergarment. It was a widely accepted garment for summer and soon became popular to wear as an actual garment. 

It became way more popular when the soldiers decided to wear the undershirts as regular wear when they returned from World War II. As time passed, t-shirts became popular, and general people started wearing them as casual wear. Later on, companies introduced adding logos and brand names on t-shirts during the 50s. 

The graphical illustration was introduced during the 60s. This was the time when the custom design was growing in popularity. Eventually, in the later periods, t-shirts were used as a mode of advertisement and marketing. And, since the 2000s, it has been used for political or humorous statements. When the celebrities started wearing them posing for the magazines, they grew even more popular and still continue among all ages of people. 

Different methods of t-shirt printing 

From the brief history of printing on apparel, you may realize there are a lot of factors and techniques involved. Now people are fond of custom design; you must pick the right printing technique. There are several printing methods available. Depending on availability, budget, material, and design type, you should choose the most suited one. 

Screen Printing

It’s the most popular and easily accessible printing method. For graphical design, screen printing is the easiest option. Using a screen and stencil, you can imprint a design on a t-shirt. The screen can be used several times. However, in this method, you can use one or two ink at a time. 

Heat Press Printing

For a budget-friendly option, heat press printing is a good option. It requires minimal elements and can be done at home. This method uses vinyl paper to print the design and transfer it to the t-shirt pressing heat. The vinyl paper is compatible to use on most printers. 

Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

If you have a good budget, you can invest in purchasing a garment printer. It’s a hands free technique where you just need to input the design into the computer. With command, it will transfer the design to fabric. You can imprint complex designs and use various colors. 

Different types of T-shirts 

As there are versatile printing methods, there are different styles of a t-shirt. The suitability of a design depends on the type of t-shirt you choose. 

The crew neck style

The crew neck t-shirt is the most popular style. It’s comfortable and flexible to wear on most occasions. It’s a timeless style, so you can easily create sustainable design too. 

The V Neck style

V neck t-shirts are suitable for users with broad shoulders. It accentuates the neckline and body shape. It’s more suitable for girls with slim bodies. 

Polo t-shirt collar styles

Polo t-shirts are casual and semi-formal wear. People wear them for sports or use them in office attire. Both men and women consider them fashionable wear. 

How to Choose the Best Method For a T-shirt

Now that you know the various styles of t-shirts and versatile printing methods, it’s time to decide which would be the best compatible method for which style. There are a lot of factors involved that you must consider. 

  • First of all, who is the user? The age group? 
  • Are you making t-shirts for general use or any special event?
  • What is the fabric type?
  • How many colors does the design involve?
  • The number of t-shirts you are printing? 
  • What is the deadline?

A Beginners Guide to Designing T-shirts

Designing a t-shirt is not as simple as it sounds. On one side, it requires skills, experience, and technologies. On the other hand, there are many considerations you need to make about being an entrepreneur. Below are some of the key factors you must keep in mind while designing t-shirts. 


First of all, what is the purpose of printing the t-shirt? Is it for brand promotion, or do you want to take a position in the fashion industry? The purpose of design is communication and making a statement. So, you must choose the design carefully. 


Next, depending on the purpose and design, choose the theme and style if the apparel is going to be luxurious wear or formal wear. Is it going to be worn for an event? So, the design will convey answers to the questions like these. The design should also consider the taste and age group of the target clients. So, you must know what the consumer’s desire and their purchasing pattern. 

Budget and quantity 

Budget is an important factor. All the design, quantity, and quality of the t-shirt will come down to the budget. It will also let you choose the printing method to go for. So, for a limited budget, it’s better to choose a few colors and choose printing methods that are suitable for small quantities. 

Design concept

Design requires creativity. Also, which style of t-shirt you intend to design is also important. While designing a t-shirt, you must think about the purpose, target consumer, market, and the message you want to convey. 

For instance, for a short sleeve t-shirt, you can design it on the chest as it’s more suitable for casual wear. Using typography or aesthetic design seems soberer and widely accepted. Then, for kids, you can go for cartoon design. No matter what design you choose, it’s always better to create a timeless design. And for designing, you can use various colors, shapes, forms, fonts, themes, and so on. 

Printing options

As you already know, there are several printing techniques for t-shirt printing. You can choose from screen printing, vinyl graphic, or DTG, whichever fits the design and your budget. In case you can avail of a printer at the beginning of the business, you can always look for a “printing shop near me” on the search engine. There are reliable printing companies who can design and print t-shirts. 

Final thought

So here is a brief guide to how to print t-shirts. This guide will help you begin the journey as an entrepreneur in the t-shirt printing business. Depending on the budget, you can arrange all the resources from design to print for your business. 

However, if you are on a limited budget, then you can hire a professional designer. One such reliable service provider is Print Britannia, where you can get high-quality design and printing at an affordable price range. 

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