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8 Steps to Wash Your Human Hair Wig

Washing your human hair wig

Your human hair wig’s longevity will depend partly on how you take care of it and how you wash it. Take a look at these seven simple steps you will need for cleaning your human hair wig since we want to help you love your hair for as long as possible.

 Detangle Your Wig

The first step in preparing your wig is to remove any knots that may have developed from regular wear. Wide-tooth combs are the ideal kind to utilize for this procedure because they are gentler on the fibers. Starting at the wig’s tip, carefully work your way up to the top, removing all of the knots.

Wet Your Wig Down

One of the best pieces of advice is to always keep the water lukewarm to chilly to preserve the fibers. To damp the wig down, run it under the faucet. Make careful to flow the water from the crown to the tip of the hair. To reduce friction in the fibers, the goal is to be as gentle as possible with the fiber and to run the water in the direction of the hair.

Shampoo Your Wig

Pick a shampoo that is designed for human hair wigs. Working the shampoo downward through the hair, use a quarter-sized amount. Gently rub shampoo into the ear tabs and cap. (Note: You should be especially delicate if the hat is hand-tied.)

Rinse Out Shampoo

Rinse the shampoo off with cool or lukewarm water, moving the water from the crown to the tips of the hair. Do not wring out the hair; squeeze out the extra water.

Condition Your Wig

Pick a conditioner designed specifically for human hair wigs. Work a tiny amount through your hair. Concentrate mainly on the wig’s tips and middle.

Pro Tip: When knotting a lace-front, monofilament top, or hand-tied hat, it is preferable to keep the conditioner away from the top of the cap. The conditioner can readily untangle the knots, resulting in hair loss.

Every three to five washes, deep condition your hair. Accordingly, you should leave the conditioner in place on your hair for around 20 minutes. You can leave the conditioner on the hair overnight if you truly want to treat it.

Rinse Conditioner Out

Rinse your wig thoroughly in cool water. Flowing water in the same direction as your hair.

Towel Dry Your Wig

Lay the wig in a towel after gently pressing any remaining water out of it. Overlay the wig with the cloth and pat any remaining moisture out. (Never wring out your hair.)

Blow Dry Your Human Hair Wig

You should always advocate blow drying your human hair wig. Why? It will aid in fiber preservation and reduce frizz.

Pro Tip: To facilitate blow-drying, gently attach your wig to a canvas block head. You’ll discover that working with the hair is much simpler!

Take a wide-tooth comb and gently untangle the knots from your damp human hair wig first. Next, we advise applying a certain heat-treatment spray or blow-dry balm.

Use medium to medium-high heat when blow-drying. Section the hair into 2-inch sections, starting at the nape, and begin blow-drying your wig using a round boar bristle brush. You may now add volume to your style and shape how you want the hair to fall by using a bristle brush.


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