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8 Best Buying Tips About PKNIC You Need to Know


PKNIC uses one of the best operating locally to register the PK domain. In Pakistan, the PK domain may assist both small and large businesses to grow and expand. It is also suitable for residents in the area. Yet, you can also renew PK domains with a PKNIC card. Besides, we have eight best buying tips about PKNIC you need to know for complete understating.

What is PKNIC you need to know?

Any country code top-level domains in Pakistan managed by PKNIC SRS can be registered or renewed using PKNIC prepaid cards. It is a Shared Registry System. Each card is suitable for a two-year registration or renewal of any top-level, second-level, or third-level—pk domain. 

These cards work the same way as a mobile prepaid card, allowing you to buy a .pk domain or renew an existing one. You can use these cards to register or , ,,,, and domain names.

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Who Needs to Buy PKNIC Prepaid Cards for Domains?

The primary reason for owning a .pk domain is to make the company more visible in Pakistan. In addition, customers of various genres find the .pk domain in Pakistani cities. Also, people from all around the country need websites with .pk domains to expand their businesses. Apart from these uses, non-profit organizations and academic institutions must buy the .pk domain to operate their website in Pakistan. PKNIC card is a plastic card with a twelve-digit scratch code. It may use to get or renew a Pakistani domain with convenience and expertise.

How to get PKNIC?

Navicosoft is a pioneer in PKNIC prepaid cards and the best certified by the PKNIC registry. They ensure that the cards are available at a reasonable price. You can register, renew, or purchase a domain name with the suffix of—PK for precisely two years at a low price. Getting your PK domain registered or renewed is now simple. There aren’t many registrars in Pakistan that provide reasonable PKNIC Domain Price, but they’re here to distribute these cards around the country.

Their PKNIC Domain Price is the lowest among all resellers in the market, and it is also flexible. You can contact their technical department or call their sales representative to discuss a price.

Prices for PKNIC Cards

The costs of PKNIC are relatively reasonable. In the market, a single card costs 2500 PKR. The majority of businesses sell it at this price. However, Navicosoft offers it at a reduced price of 2300 PKR. If you buy your domains in bulk, their costs are more negotiable. So, make your decision now and take advantage of a great discount on cards by buying pk domain credit in bulk. When it arrives at the card’s layout, it is similar to other prepaid cards and carries a concealed number of 10 to 12 digits. Scratch the card to reveal the number hidden inside. You can deposit your domain balance using PKNIC prepaid cards and buy or renew any accessible Pk Domain in your Domain Panel. You won’t load this card if you lose even one digit from the code or pin. They even provide domain registration services, so you may delegate domain management to them and focus on growing your brand or website.

If you have concerns, you may call their support service from anywhere in Pakistan to receive high-quality services and assistance with domain registration.

8 Best Buying Tips About PKNIC You Need to Know

  • The whole length of the domain name, including the .pk component, should not exceed 63 characters. It should have 67 characters in total, including the .pk suffix.
  • Other than the .PK section, the lower limit of a domain in second-level domains is four characters, and you can think of as an example.
  • When it comes to the third level domain, it allows a one-character domain name as a minimum. You are not allowed to enlist a domain such as
  • Any domain name cannot begin with a dash, not at the start, and now not with two successive dashes. Therefore, when selecting a proper domain, one must use extreme caution.
  • Prepaid cards from PKNIC are accessible, manageable, and straightforward to use. Besides, you must enter your information, select a card, place your order, and pay for it. Therefore, you will get the PKNIC card as soon as possible.
  • You can use PKNIC Prepaid cards for existing and future domains. Hence, you will be notified of the order’s renewal date when you place it. After that, you’ll be able to acquire prepaid codes right away. Another benefit is the ability to buy cheap cards in bulk.
  • For your local business, PK domains can be advantageous. It can assist in creating a robust local image for your company and inform people on the internet that it bases in Pakistan.
  • All good companies will offer you 24/7 customer service for your card questions so that you can take advantage of it at any moment.

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Final Thoughts

Are you ready to use your PKNIC card to invest in your company and website?

You’ve arrived at the correct location. You can get a PKNIC domain name by visiting Best Pk Domains Hosting Company, specializing in low-cost pk cards.

You gain access to many benefits when you buy, including increased website traffic, credibility, trust, advertising, branding, SEO, and more.

Get a competitive edge on your online competitors by registering a Best PKNIC Domain today.

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