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7 Baby Sleep Positions: Which One is Safe For Your Child?

Your baby’s sleep is important. When your child sleeps, they get the restorative sleep that helps them develop and grow. With a healthy routine, your baby will be able to sleep better and longer. So what should you do if your baby doesn’t seem to be sleeping well? Here are some ways to know which sleep positions are safe for your baby.

How to Know Which Sleep Position is Safe for Your Baby

Sleeping on their back: This is the safest sleep position for your baby.

Sleeping on their side: This sleep position is also safe, but it’s not as safe as sleeping on their back.

Sleeping on the stomach: Your nannusays should avoid this sleeping position because it puts pressure on his or her spine and could be unsafe.

The fetal position: This sleep position is unsafe because it can put pressure on a baby’s head and spine.

Side-lying: Side-lying positions are also safe, but they put more pressure on your baby’s neck than the other sleep positions listed here.

What is the Best Sleep Position for Your Baby?

Many babies sleep in various positions. This is often due to their temperament and the items they are surrounded by. For example, if you have a baby who likes to be held close and feel secure, that position could be the best for them. If your baby has trouble sleeping on their back, it is important for them to practice this position at home or in the hospital before going home with you. 


To find out what sleep position is best for your baby, check their activity during their nap or bedtime routine. If they are awake and constantly moving around, then try placing them in different positions until they relax enough to go back to sleep in one position.


The best sleep position for your baby will depend on which one helps them feel safe and contented. For example, some parents might want to try a side-lying position because it’s easier for a parent to watch over their child while they’re sleeping like this.

The Seated Position

The seated position is a good position for your baby to be in while they sleep. In this position, the top of the head is resting on their chest while they are laying down. This position is best for babies with reflux because it helps reduce their discomfort.

Breastfeeding mothers often find that this position is easier for them to do when nursing their nannu says


However, as your baby gets older, you will need to switch them to a different sleep position so that they are not sleeping on their stomach. Some experts suggest switching from the seated position to the side-lying or tummy-sleeper positions once your child reaches six months old.

The Crawling Position

The crawling position is the most common sleep position for babies. It’s considered safe because it provides a natural back-and-forth motion that helps the baby fall asleep and stay asleep. However, this position doesn’t provide enough support for your baby’s spine, so you should avoid this position with older children.

The Side-Lying Position

This position is perfect for your baby if they are sleeping more than two hours. In this position, your baby will be able to rest its head on one side and sleep comfortably. If your baby is in this position, they will be able to breathe easily and their face can remain uncovered.

The Back-Lying Position

The back-lying position is the most recommended position for your baby. This position can be achieved by tucking a thin blanket or wedge under your baby’s head and then putting them on their side. This position is good because it allows your baby to sleep comfortably while still being able to breathe well.


As parents, it can be hard to figure out which sleep position is best.

The safest sleep position for your baby is the side-lying position,

as this helps them to develop healthy neck and spine muscles.

The crawling position is also a safe sleep position for babies as it can help them develop their hand and eye coordination.


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