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6 Tips to Nail your IELTS Exam



Whether you want to study abroad or are considering migrating to English-speaking countries, you will need to take an IELTS exam. The IELTS (International – English – Language – Testing – System) is designed to assess your ability to speak, listen, write and read in English. The exam has four components, and each exam has different parts and tasks: from multiple choices to labeling cards and diagrams. Here are 6 tips nail your IELTS exam by the overseas education consultants you should know to Nailed in your test.

How to Nail in IELTS Exam?

The IELTS exam can be overwhelming at first, but with enough practice and preparation, it is possible to get the group score you are aiming for! Here are 6 main tips for your next IELTS exam. before moving a head I must tell you that not only these tips words, you should also join IELTS training for preparation. So, join best IELTS coaching in Noida as they are offering the best service in India.

Tips to Nail IELTS with the Help of Good Training

Have a Good Ear for Accents

Did you know that each listening exam recording is heard only once? A range of native speaker accents (North American, Australian, New Zealand, British, etc.) are used in the listening exam, so it’s a huge advantage if you’re able to understand them all. Train your ears by subscribing to English language ads and television news channels.

Read the Instructions

If during the listening exam you are asked to complete a sentence using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS, and the correct answer is “leather coat”, the answer “leather coat” would be incorrect. In the writing exam, pay attention to the number of words required for each task. You will lose points if you do not write the minimum number of words (150 words for task 1, for example). You can check for Sample exams listed on available on IELTS website.

Do Exercises or Practical Exams

Did you know that the listening exam lasts 40 minutes, with only ten minutes to write down your answers? In your practice exams, learn to speed yourself up with the moments of time. This will not only help you simulate time constraints, but also identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will give you an idea of which area you are most vulnerable to. If you have difficulty reading, for example, devote more time to it. Devise techniques to help you remember the English words you are having difficulty with.

Develop a Strategy

With a thorough knowledge of each exam and its parts, you can develop time-saving methods and techniques to answer each question more effectively. In the listening exam, for example, underlining key words can help you focus on important concepts. To save time on the reading exam, you can skip straight to the questions first. There are methods that might work for you but not for others; the important thing is to know which strategy is right for you.

Write like a Native English Speaker

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Expose yourself to a wide range of texts and topics: read textbooks, advertisements, magazines, news articles, essays and reports on culture, science or anything under the sun! Exam your English vocabulary by writing sentences using the new words you have encountered. Once you are comfortable writing full sentences, you can practice writing paragraphs and organizing them properly.

Find a Study Partner

Having a friend with excellent English skills to assess you in the practice exams can be a huge advantage, especially for the speaking exam. Decide with your partner and ask for feedback. Be sure to record your reps so it’s easier to review your performance. Did you speak too fast? Were you mumbling or stuttering? Were you able to come up with a coherent answer? Try to improve your speech through feedback: you can list the words you have trouble saying, or reorganize your thoughts. With enough repetition, you slowly rewire your brain to think in English.

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