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6 Proven Ways to make money from blogging in 2022

Many bloggers are passionate writers and start a blog for their passion. Blogs are a way to spread knowledge, experiences, different ideas, or interests worldwide. Blogs are also helpful for establishing connections between various communications. Additionally, it is about engaging people with similar interests. Whereas, for businesses or companies, blogs work a little differently. For businesses, blogs are a way to rank their website on Search Engine Result Pages. They are also a source of strengthening a brand’s online presence or increasing its audience.

 As a great fact, following your passion will make you successful. But. If you are a blog or have a business blog, you need to optimize your blog and your passion. Optimizing blogs with responsibility involves a lot of time investing in it. Creating, proofreading, and rewriting blog posts regularly or often a week also counts in optimizing or managing the blog. Sometimes, optimizing blogs also means creating and sending emails to subscribers. Emailing will let them know you have posted new content on the site.

However, including these optimizing tasks, there are many more opportunities for a blogger or a business with blogs. These opportunities can vary from the different ways of earning through blogs. Technology has indeed reached many new levels and the latest digital platforms. A blogger or a passionate writer can also start earning from their blogs. There are multiple ways for your blog to be optimized, and you will be able to learn from your future blog post content.  

In this article, we will discuss strategies that will make your blog optimization easy and some ways that will make your money from blogging. 

Here are the 6 great ways to earn money through blogging

  1. Offering Paid Membership plans for quality content

Earning from blog posts opens multiple ways of earning. If you are experienced and have years of expertise in a specific niche, you have unique knowledge to share. Then, you should establish your blog just about your expertise. Blogs on your experience will help other people in the same niche. Your content will be valuable for people in the same situations, and your blogs are the source for them to get help. These kinds of blogs add extraordinary value to people’s lives or situations. 

Your content can be genuine advice, experience, life tips, training or anything else. You can then convert your blogs into a paid membership program. So, this will be a way for you to earn from your writings or professional experiences.

  1. Be a freelance content writer

If you already have a blog and are well-optimized but still unable to receive visitors. Then you can be a freelance writer and provide your services with charges. A freelance writer works for different clients and queries. These queries will be about writing content for them for various topics. This is also a great way to start earning from your content writing skills. In addition, you can also add your valuable piece of content to your portfolio, which will help you increase your portfolio. Also, it will let others know you have excellent writing expertise. 

A vast and impressive portfolio will allow you to receive more freelancing work. Other business owners or people will hire you for their blog. In this case, you will have a recurring earning option through your writing skills. Then, later, you can switch from a freelancer to a full-time career and earn even better. 

  1. Be an affiliate marketing with writing skills.

Some people find their way of earning through their blog monetization by becoming affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing promotes other people’s or brand’s products/services in their blogs. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to find a partner of different brands to earn a commission for their products. It is about partnering with the brand for its products or services. In return for promotion, you will get a commission if they receive a sale. Commissions depend on the brands, and it is mostly in percentage. 

Affiliate marketing is a good choice for bloggers. Affiliate marketers can choose which brand they want to market. Affiliate marketing is about promoting the brands in their written content. 

  1. Earn money through online ads

The most efficient and great way to earn money from blogging is to start displaying ads on your blog. Displaying ads are online advertisements that brands pay for to market their ads. Paid online ads can include images and videos. The blogger who owns the website will be able to make money whenever someone clicks the ads. There are quite a few advertisement channels from which you can connect your website and start displaying online ads. You can monetize and show ads related to your content or blog niche.  

Displaying ads per your audience’s interest will help you get profitable revenue. If your content is valuable enough and you get a high volume of visitors daily, then there are chances that your blog will be successful.

  1. Selling your content like online courses.

Bloggers have the big opportunity to earn money by repurposing and selling their most popular content. For example, you can sell your most read content through online courses. Usually, most bloggers are unaware of adopting this technique. Selling videos online will help you get better engagements on your blog. It is also a compelling strategy for blog optimization. While selling online videos as courses, you can keep sharing short videos for free or as a trial for your courses. 

You will need to measure and find from your content for which your audience will be willing to pay. The content should be valuable, highly informative, and helpful, so only your audience will be interested in paying. You can also offer monthly subscriptions to your content or lifetime access. For example, you can sell educational content, fitness or some short courses that help for careers. 

  1. Starting to podcast your content

A most creative way for bloggers is to start podcasting for their blog. Similarly to creating videos, you do not need to create new content every time. Instead, bloggers can repurpose their most popular content from the blog and create audio. Converting your content into audio will help you target a different audience. These audiences are highly attentive to audio and can be great to catch. 

Podcasts will give you exposure and will help to bring more traffic to your website. In addition, podcasting will help you get sponsorships or advertisements requested in your podcast audio. This way, you can make a significant income. 

Author Bio:

Hi, my name is Brians Power. I am an essay writer and write research-based writings on technical, marketing, legal, academics or business blogs. In my career, I have written and provided the cheapest essay writing service. I am also a university teacher and earned the USA best blogger award in my thirties. 

I write content for everyone who can read and grow their business or career. The blog content that I write is mainly about my personal experience. I believe the world can be successful with the help of my content. My greatest challenge is to be the best writer in the world, and also I love to travel the world every year. We are a family of five and living happily in New Jersey.

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