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50 ways to decorate your home like professional

A well-design will transform your home’s appearance within a matter of minutes. However, an easy and cheap one could transform how you decorate. To show our point, we have rounded 50 budget-friendly and simple design tips which instantly transform your space. From bold walls to colored towels There are 50 different ways to make every room in your house on a budget(home décor).

Living Room

  1. Art Matters

A large-scale painting or print such as the vibrant abstract style will transform a wall in the living room into an impressive display in just a few seconds.

  1. Make an Observation

Transform a wall that is empty into the center of your living space by painting it with an eye-catching color or by applying an patterned wallpaper.

  1. Install Some Floating Shelves

Install an elongated shelf (or 3) on a small portion of your living room’s wall to make vertical storage space.

  1. Lean in

A ladder-style bookcase is a great way to get additional storage space without taking up more floor space.

  1. Create a display of your own.

Display your favourite photos with clean straight lines, which will turn an uninspiring wall into a personalized art gallery.

  1. Bring into an empty Cart for Bar Cart

A properly placed bar cart like acrylic transforms the corner of a living room that is cramped into a functional and useful space.

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  1. Color-Code Your Books

Sort your books in color and allow your bookcase to serve as the focal point of a calm living room.

  1. Make some magic using Mirrors

Mirrors that stand out, such as the huge mirror can be a fast and easy method to add the drama to your living space, without breaking the bank.

  1. Use Your Rug as Color Inspiration

Rugs with multiple colors can be the basis for your living room’s colour scheme.

  1. Pile Up

Are you short on funds or have room to store a bookcase? There’s no reason to worry.  Just pile all your book collections on the ground to create an unexpectedly chic arrangement.


  1. Lose Your Headboard

A stunning piece of art, or wall hanging like the geometric-style stunning piece  is a great method of creating the illusion of an actual headboard (without needing to purchase one).

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  1. Float On

A floating shelf that is strategically placed transforms an unflattened wall into a useful storage space.

  1. Darken the Space

Think about painting your bedroom with the dark, sophisticated shade such as the dark black  for a dramatic design that doesn’t dominate the décor.

  1. Make use of textiles

Mix and match a variety of fabrics and materials like the fringe wall hanging or the woven bedding  to create a sophisticated design in a room with earthy tones.

  1. Mirrors can be Leaned

Do you want to find a rent-friendly solution to expand a tiny bedroom?  Lean a large mirror on the wall in order to give an illusion of larger space. No nails or hammers needed!

  1. Add Some Color

If you aren’t able to make your bedrooms look more appealing, you can incorporate decorative items that are colorful like the plant stand with orange accents and the bright blue media console  to spice up the dull walls.

  1. Get Graphic

Lines and geometric shapes that are bold like the black and white rug  can be a major draw in a neutral room.

  1. Place a plant on it

A houseplant that is properly placed  will add a dash of personality and color to your nightstand, as well as cleaning the air within your room.

  1. Style Your Nightstand

A well-planned nightstand arrangement can create a chic design statement in a minimalist space.

  1. Use Imperfections to play

Take advantage of a bedroom with a strange shape by covering it with funky wallpaper or a striking paint job.


  1. Create your own tea towel with creativity

A unique tea towel, like the tie-dyed version  can brighten up an earthy kitchen and is extremely affordable and simple to create on your own!

  1. Put up Art

If you were thinking that your kitchen wasn’t the best location to hang art, consider changing your mind. Put a striking art piece or painting like the bright abstract artwork  and elevate the entire kitchen within just a few minutes.

  1. Paint Your Cabinets

Refresh your cabinet doors with a new coat of paint, It’ll appear like you’ve completely renovated your kitchen for less than a quarter of the price.

  1. Plant Power

Who would have known that a couple of house plants can brighten up an otherwise dull kitchen space? This arrangement pairs the plants with a snake to create a striking impact.

  1. Make sure you have some vertical storage

A small kitchen can’t compete with an organized wall storage. Create your own vertical storage system by installing some floating shelves over the stove.

  1. Paint the Ceiling

Also called the “fifth wall” you can have your ceiling be transformed into the center of your kitchen by applying a vibrant coat of paint.

  1. Find a stunning Rug

An eye-catching accent rug brings some much-needed color–and character–into a neutral kitchen.

  1. Create Contrast

A dark-painted wall can add depth and depth to a kitchen that is all white.

  1. Buy a Storage Cart

A cheap storage cart can transform a kitchen corner into a space that can be used for storage in just a few minutes.

  1. Try hanging a rail

Are you looking for a low-cost and easy method to carve out more room in the kitchen? Hanging rail systems, can be hung seamlessly on your wall, helping to make space for countertops and make it easier to organize other rooms.

Dining Room

  1. Find a few stool

A tiny stool transforms a tea table in to an eating area in a flash.

  1. Add Some Color

The chairs with vibrant colors, like the blue-colored  add a dash of personality to an earthy dining table.

  1. Add a throw to it

A furry rug you can put to the side of your dining chair to instantly enhance your dining area for a reasonable price.

  1. Mix and match materials

A diverse mix of furniture and materials like the rattan chair, glass top table and a beaded light fixture creates a chic multi-layered style for your dining area without breaking the bank(home décor).

  1. Make a well-written statement

A gorgeous light fixture  adds a dash of grandeur and drama to a quiet dining area.

  1. Create artwork

Put the most eye-catching wall art to create an eating area inside the kitchen.

  1. Form up

The curvy lines of sleek furniture speak for themselves in a minimalist dining space.

  1. Paint the Walls

Make a small space a stunning dining area by painting the walls a vivid hue.

  1. Go Green

A fascinating plant display such as the hanging heartleaf plants and succulent, brings life to a dull dining space with all-natural elements(home décor).

  1. Throw Down

A rug with patterns  will help to create an distinct dining space in an open space.


  1. Upgrade Your Showerhead

Change out your boring showerhead by installing a more modern fixture  for a complete overhaul of your bathroom in just a few minutes.

  1. Create a Wall for a Gallery that is Functional

Gallery walls can’t be useful ?. Klank designed a salon-style exhibit which includes artwork and two levels of wall-mounted shelving placed on a bathroom wall to create a sleek and practical storage display(home décor).

  1. Apply a bit of Wallpaper

A small pattern of wallpaper can be a huge help in a bathroom that is small.  Use a printed wallpapers to create an impact in a tiny bathroom.

  1. Go Deep

Darkly-painted walls,  is a great method to inject some surprising dramatic flair to the bathroom.

  1. Get a Seat

A chic side chair doubles as a stylish surface to store your belongings when carefully set up in the bathroom(home décor) .

  1. Color-Block

Who would have thought you could make use of the towels from your bathroom to create an attractive bathroom display?  Use some brightly colored towels to create a chic block-colored scene inside the bathroom .

  1. Turn Out Your Mirror

Looking for a simple and stylish way to update your bathroom in a flash? Replace your sink mirror by one that is more a reflection of your unique style to create a completely fresh look in your bathroom.

  1. Toss a Good Rug

Why settle for a dull old bathmat when you could have a stunning rug for your bathroom instead? A striking accent rug will make your bathroom look more stylish within a matter of minutes(home décor).

  1. Storage Baskets FTW

Don’t underestimate the storage capacity of a stylish basket to store your bathroom’s essentials. Set one on the ground next to the tub, or on the top of the toilet, to keep your toilet paper, towels and other bathroom necessities with style.

  1. Have Fun!

Incorporate some fun (but storage-savvy) accessories, like the dinosaur toy-turned-toilet-paper holder  to bring some whimsy into your bathroom.

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