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5 Website Design Tips To Increase The Visibility Of Your Website

Web Design Tips

When it comes to increasing online exposure, phrases like search engine optimization and inbound marketing frequently come up. True, for increasing your potential to be noticed by search engines, but it isn’t the only form of visibility you should be worried about when it comes to your website design. Increasing your visibility in search engines may bring you a lot of traffic, but once there, your visitors must be able to locate what they are looking for and what you want them to see.

There are several strategies you may use to increase the exposure of your website. However, if you were to narrow it down to the five most important while tolerating all of the many trends and fads that come and go, these five would be the greatest option.

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Make it responsive to mobile devices

It appears like there hasn’t been a single article produced in the previous two years that does not tell you to construct a mobile-friendly website. Given that global mobile internet usage is at 51.3 percent and is anticipated to climb further, it’s easy to see why so many people insist on making adaptable web pages a priority.

However, as a design aspect, you must ensure that your plan extends beyond a flexible website. You must ensure that the user experience for your mobile visitors is comparable to that of someone accessing your site on a desktop or laptop computer.

Make it easy for mobile users to navigate your site by including easy-to-use navigation features. People should be able to easily interact with call to action buttons. One more piece of advice: allow users to navigate through longer-form information. It is incredibly difficult for them to click on little next arrows, and it is much more difficult for them to wait for those following pages to load.

Allow for cross-browser functionality

You may have the most well-designed website in your sector, and your statistics may show that you are driving more traffic than you could have ever dreamed, but if your visitors are unable to access everything on your website, all of your other efforts will be for nothing.

It is not unusual for web designer experts or even site owners to desire to include some of the most recent trends on the sites. It not only demonstrates that the site is current and receiving attention but there are several technologies. That may really help engage an audience and keep them tuned in to your message. The issue frequently arises when it discovers that these technologies do not always operate on every browser; particularly on Internet Explorer.

Speed up your site

Almost everyone reading this has landed on a page that simply keeps loading and loading.

Building a site that takes too long to load, such as not giving cross-browser capabilities, is one of the factors that will hinder visitors from accessing your site. According to Akamai and polls, roughly half of all users anticipate a website to load in two seconds or less. They leave the website within three seconds. While most users will stay for six to ten seconds before abandoning your site, every second it takes for your site to load means that more and more people are going on to somewhere else.

The first three guidelines are concerned with visitors being able to see your site. Using the next two, on the other hand, will assist them in finding what they came to your site to discover.

Include a call to action on each page

Amazon is one of the most user-friendly websites since it makes purchasing from them so simple. Each page contains a call to action that requires only one click to initiate the buying process. Of course, not all websites sell items, but every site has a purpose in mind, and that objective should be exploited at every chance, because your visitors are here to obtain something, whether it is knowledge or a physical product.

This call to action should also be apparent to your audience. Even better, it should stick out. Many site designers employ the concept of using contrasting colors for any call to action to bring attention to it. The more obvious this is, the more assured your visitors will feel that they can simply discover what they came to your site to receive.

Clear the clutter

When it comes to our websites, we frequently struggle to decide what is truly important, so we add everything.

Because not everyone who visits your site gets on the home page, it’s simple to justify including everything on every page so that visitors don’t miss anything. However, this is incorrect. It does not help people locate anything; on the contrary, it causes your site to become congested.

On each page, include only what is essential. If they landed at a page other than the homepage, it was because they looked for something that lead them there. They come to find it, so keep your content and design aspects focused on it.

Make it simple to navigate

As websites increase in size, it’s simple to see how navigation bars may easily become out of control if you try to include everything. Drop-down menus with subcategories atop subcategories may be created using JavaScript or CSS. Again, this serves no use and really makes it more difficult for your consumers to go from page to page, especially if they are using a mobile device.

Instead of including every potential page in your navigations menu, but only the major pages on your main navigation element and utilize alternate menus for secondary pages.

Visibility is more than simply assisting your visitors in finding your website; it is also about assisting them in finding items after they have arrived. Make sure they have that opportunity by creating things with their goals in mind.


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