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5 Strategies to Get Your Practice Found on Google

Have you ever searched for a certain term on Google, and the search engine showed you complete options according to what you expected to find? The system works with algorithms that privilege sites that offer the best experience and strategies for the user containing relevant, complete, and SEO-optimized content, ensuring the brand’s digital presence in the largest search engine.

e=”text-align: justify;”>This content will teach you how to use this mechanism and place the clinic on the first pages of the web, attracting and retaining a greater number of patients. Good reading!

5 Strategies for the clinic to be found on Google

Website optimized for SEO

Do you know what SEO means? This is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, a set of practices that make it possible for a website to be better organically ranked on Google, that is, without investment, only with the voluntary access of the user.

In other words, having a website optimized for Medical SEO Services means that it brings together several relevant features for Google to show in a privileged position, such as on the first page, for example, ensuring your digital presence.

For this to take place, it is necessary to plan the patients’ search intent, worktexts with keywords, write relevant content, in no way plagiarize materials from other places, create a friendly URL, optimize images, make internal and external links, have a responsive, fast website that guarantees good usability.

The ideal is to work with specific keywords so that your future patient finds your services when they search for the subject. If your clinic professionals perform lip fillers, this word should be part of your planning. And don’t forget: SEO rules are also related to website design and programming.

Ensure good usability

Google works through algorithms, programmed to answer the questions we put in the search engine with the best information. Then, it ranks the sites that provide the best user experiences at the top.

For this, the website needs to take into account items of the page experience, such as good usability, being possible to access by mobile and other devices, having safe navigation without misleading (phishing) or malicious content (malware), organized, with a layout pleasant and consistent with its visual identity.

Also, you must have a website that does not take long to load. When loading is slow, it harms the patient’s experience on the page and increases the possibility of them leaving even before the page finishes loading.

Blog Contents

One of the most efficient strategies to make your clinic found on Google, appearing on the first pages of the search engine, is to produce interesting and informative materials about your services, for example, relevant to your patients.

Let’s imagine the following: one of the main services offered at your clinic is rhinoplasty. Now, think that this procedure has gained great demand by women and men in your city and region who are thinking about doing it and want to know more about it.

After identifying the great search for this term on Google, you can develop content on the topic, something like: “Rhinoplasty: how is the procedure done?” and answer all possible doubts of its patients.

Suppose you have a well-structured website and create relevant blog content working with the defined keyword. In that case, the chances of your material appearing to the person who searches for the term is greater than your competitor who does not use the same strategy.

Patient journey

The sales funnel nothing more than a strategic model that shows the entire journey of your patient, from the first contact with the clinic to the after-care.

This funnel comprises steps and mental triggers that aim to support the patient’s journey and lead them to the final stage of the funnel, in this case, care. There are three steps:

  • Middle of the funnel: the patient already knows they have a problem and is looking to solve their needs, but they still don’t know-how. Here, you can help with tips and relevant materials that will help you without trying to offer your products at any cost. You get them ready to move through the sales funnel once again.
  • Bottom of the funnel: the patient, more than aware of their need, looks for a solution. He has already established a trusting relationship with your clinic as you understand his needs and are ready to hire your services.

The patient journey comprises learning and discovery, problem recognition, solution consideration, and purchase decision. Your job is to nurture this potential patient at every step with content and materials that take them to your clinic.

Google My Business

For clinics that want to stand out in the digital environment, Google My Business is the right tool to put the company on the first page of the search engine(Strategies).

It works in the same way as the strategies above, in order of relevance. For this, having good reviews, for example, is essential for positioning in Google search results.

Let’s imagine that you have a plastic surgery clinic. When someone searches for the term “rhinomodelation” on Google, the search engine will show the closest clinics related to that word.

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