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5 Reasons Why You Keep Having Termites

One of the largest investments one can make is a home, and one of the most expensive investments might be termite damage. Termites may colonise your home and inflict serious damage that goes on for a long time without being noticed. A homeowner may have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and therapy.

Termites will make colonies close to food supplies that are easily accessible, usually decaying or softwood. In pursuit of a new colony location, they will look for these damp spots in and around your house. Termite prevention is always the best strategy. And for that, you should search for “termite solutions Brisbane” or“termites specialist near me” to get a routine inspection done.

Along with that, recognizing what draws termites to your property in the first place is the first step in protection. The following list of five factors might be luring termites to your house:

Local Weather

Sometimes the local climate makes it more likely for termite infestations to occur where you reside. Unfortunately, if you reside in Brisbane, you have chosen to be there through poor luck. In Brisbane, there are several termite species that are active, and these pests frequently cause issues for local households.

Brisbane has a hot climate year-round and experiences heavy rains in the monsoon season. Termites are a concern in cities across the state because they thrive in hot, humid climates.

Because you can’t change the weather outside, you should learn how to make your home unappealing to the termites. Along with that, search for a “termites treatment company near me” to get a routine inspection.


There may be excess moisture in and around your property, even if it’s not the rainy season, to draw termites. Poor drainage might result in standing water near your house, and inadequate ventilation could result in excessive moisture in an attic or crawl area. If your plumbing or septic system malfunctions, you may also have moisture issues.

Try your best to keep the area dry. Purge the gutters. Consult a landscaping professional about your yard’s drainage needs. Get routine plumbing inspections, and address any issues as soon as they arise. Check your attic and crawl area, and make any necessary ventilation adjustments. These precautions won’t just keep termites out; they’ll also fend off other pests and stop additional property damage.

The Foundation Has Cracks

Under concrete foundations, termites adore building nests. Termites thrive in the area’s constant darkness and moisture, making it the ideal place for them to live. Termites will go through any holes or fractures in your foundation in search of food, and they may find it in your house.

Even if you don’t have a concrete slab, termites will still use the crevices and gaps surrounding your façade to their advantage. Make careful to routinely inspect your home and patch any cracks you find.

Soil Touching Property

Termites consume wood. The termites might be drawn to any wood that touches your house. Once they have done eating it, they could move directly inside your home and continue to eat on the hardwood flooring, beams, and other surfaces.

Wood should not be near your house. Included in this are piles of firewood, branches, untreated mulch, and dead plants. All of them might draw termites and act as entry points into your house.


In addition to causing harm to your property on their own, clogged gutters can invite termites. The accumulation of leaves, twigs, and other debris in your gutters can weaken and destroy your roof due to the extra moisture. These vulnerable areas draw termites and give them a point of entry into your house. Maintain regular gutter cleanings or think about adding gutter guards to stop obstructions.

An expert termite inspection is another aspect of termite control and prevention. So search for “termites treatment near me” in the below three situations under which a termite examination is recommended:

  • As a homeowner. Every three to five years, all homes should have a professional termite examination. By doing this, homeowners may identify infestations early and execute the proper remedies or preventative measures before the harm worsens.
  • As a potential property purchaser. Potential homeowners should seek a termite inspection throughout the purchasing process, which can reveal any possible termite damage and give time for treatment and repairs during the negotiation stage of the deal.
  • If a previous termite treatment was carried out. Homeowners who have had termite treatments in the past should continue to maintain treatment and monitoring by scheduling regular, continuing inspections. These services are provided by the majority of termite control businesses together with their treatments as a termite protection plan.

Hope this article helps you keep your home protected from the wood-eating critters. Just make sure to seek out professional help or better yet, get a termite barrier around your home for better protection.

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