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5 reasons for late assignment submission

Welcome to the world of backbenchers! Here, you will find some innovative reasons to pitch in for your late assignment submission. If you are from an audience that hates assignments and wishes to pay someone to take my online class, this blog is for you! Let’s be real; what is student life about if not making excuses now and then? Running late for your assignment submission? Time to send your imaginary cat to the grave. Or worse, your little sibling ate your assignment paper (sob story alert). To be honest, these excuses are getting outdated. Chances are that your 21st-century teacher would not believe them anymore. Because let’s face it, they might have used the same ones in their times. So, without creating any more suspense, let’s get to business.

Bid Farewell To Your Imaginary Pet

Although this excuse is quite outdated, it still works wonders! No one can escape the reality of death, not even your imaginary acquaintances we are afraid. Who doesn’t love their pets? If your teacher has a pet or is an animal lover, she might believe your story. Come on, it’s hard for someone to work on an assignment while mourning. If you know how to keep an upset face and not expose your drama through your expressions, you can easily get away with it. However, we advise you to stay away from your funny friends for a while, or at least till your teacher is around.

Believe me, these friends are deadly! They can make you laugh in the most serious times and can get you busted. If you are successful enough, you will gain your teacher’s sympathy. As a result, this reason will easily buy you a week or more to finish your assignment.

Blame It On Writer’s Block!

You can use this reason as an excuse to put up with your assignment deadline. If your schedule is filled with assignments and due dates, you can always pull out this wild card. Scientifically speaking, when you try to feed too much to your brain, more than it can digest, it shuts down. Your brain has a daily capacity/limit to reach that it cannot exceed. Thus, if your plate is heaped with work and you feel like it is way beyond your capacity, blame it on writer’s block! A writer’s block is when your brain refuses to cooperate with your language and as a result, you cannot even draft a single concept. If you are running short on time and cannot reach the deadline, talk to your teacher.

Writer’s block is a real thing and your teacher knows it too. You can always talk to your teacher about how you’re failing to write even after pushing yourself too hard. As a teacher, she probably has heard of it a billion times because as we said, it is 100% real. However, if you are planning to use this excuse, make sure that you have your busy schedule to support that you genuinely are overworked. Otherwise, she would not give in to your reason.

Ask Your Doctor For Help

Passed a deadline that you were supposed to meet? Worried that your teacher might kill you? Well, there still is someone who can save your life. Yup, the one who has taken the oath to save lives no matter what; A doctor. You might have considered this before as well. It’s not like illness comes after giving prior notification. You can always tell your teacher that sickness prevented you from meeting your deadline. However, if it were this easy, none of your classmates would even bother to work on an assignment.

Therefore, it is important to give full evidence of what you claim. Get your doctor in your confidence and ask him to write a sickness note on your behalf. There is no way your teacher is going to know about this allegiance.

Technology Fails

The best part about being a student of this century is the dependence on gadgets. Nowadays, even teachers ask for softcopies of assignments. It does save a lot of extra writing effort, honestly speaking. However, with all these ‘good things’ there is a price. Just as every rose has a thorn, gadgets also have some cons. But, if you are someone who just forgot about an assignment submission and are now fretting over it, you can use this in your favor. The best excuse that might help you save your grade is a technology failure.

You can always tell your teacher that your laptop started acting weird. The file crashed, your Wi-Fi failed you, or even your windows got corrupted. Since none of this is your fault, your teacher will buy it! As a result, she might give you some extra time to get your issues fixed and submit the assignment later on!

Tell The Truth

Do you know what works wonders in saving you when it comes to late assignment submissions? The truth. To be honest, it may sound absurd right now. However, it might as well soften your teacher’s heart. At least in a sea of excuses, she’ll find someone who is being honest to her. And you might as well know that a good deed is never wasted. So, if you stay true to your teacher, chances are that she will excuse you and allow you to submit the assignment later on. Remember, your teacher was also a student once. She knows that procrastination is a disease that eats your day up. She might as well have been through it in her student life. Therefore, she might as well believe you and spare you a little more time.

However, this might not always be a very good idea. If you are planning to come clean in front of your teacher, you should first know how she can react. You need to have a good understanding of your teacher’s behavior. If she is a sweet and forgiving one like Miss Honey from Matilda, this might work for you. On the contrary, if she gives you Miss Trunchbull vibes, abort the mission instantly!

In the end, we know that academic stress can sometimes get the best of you. It is okay to make excuses once in a while but we don’t recommend making it a habit. To help you out with your assignments, we are happy to offer you our online academic help services. You can now pay someone to take my online class and score an A on every assignment! Best part? You will never miss a deadline with us!

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