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5 keys to good product packaging

5 keys to good product packaging

5 keys to good product packaging.

One of the keys to the success of any online store is knowing. How to offer a good shopping experience to customers.

This experience is a complete process that covers from the moment. The consumer browses your website, purchases the product and receives it at home. However, it is not always easy to achieve 100% satisfaction. Many times the purchase is “tarnished” by factors such as delays or the conditions in which the order is delivered.

This type of box is made by joining several layers of kraft cardboard (generally three, called flutes), which provides firmness to the walls of the packaging.

The investment will be higher, but you won’t have to worry about bumps or sudden movements during transport: your new packaging will withstand anything.

Contact our Packhelp Plus team if you need boxes with a special thickness. They will design a solution adapted to your business. Likewise, to minimize (even more) the effect of shocks during transport, we recommend that you carefully analyze the size of the boxes. Keep in mind that a small box can break and leave the product exposed, but if the box is too big, the item could move from one place to another roughly during transport.

Finally, if you have bought packaging in bulk, we recommend that you store the boxes in a place without humidity.Please note that cardboard can lose rigidity due to factors such as humidity, and boxes could lose shape and break during transit. Packhelp boxes are manufactured based on the FEFCO code. Discover the advantages of this certificate here.

Add all the necessary protection (and information)

In addition to carefully analyzing the packaging of your products, you can perform some extra tricks to protect the interior of the box as much as possible.

As we have commented in the previous point, the ideal is that there is a small margin between the product and the sides of the box.

Thanks to this, you can add an extra touch of protection, such as bubble wrap or wood chips. These add-ons soften the impact of bumps during shipping.

You can also wrap the item in a cloth bag or honeycomb paper. This way you will ensure that even the most fragile products reach their destination intact.

If you are shipping more than one product in a single package, it is important to wrap each item individually and, if they are particularly fragile items, to separate them with cardboard inserts. 5 keys to good product packaging

In case of using adhesive tape to seal the boxes, you can use polypropylene or PVC tape.

We recommend packing the box following the H method, that is, adding a strip at the junction of the upper flaps and two strips at the edges.

As the last point in this block, don’t forget to place the shipping label with your customers’ information on the top of the box. In this way it will be more legible and visible to the transport company. 5 keys to good product packaging

5 keys to good product packaging

For example, without good logistics and transport services, the packaging can arrive at its destination in poor condition (open, with perforations and even wet due to weather conditions). This creates a bad impression on customers, since it is likely that the product has also arrived damaged.

Luckily, there are some simple guidelines with which you can optimise your delivery conditions and, therefore, customer satisfaction.

In this article we will see:

  • Tips for choosing a good product packaging.
  • How to add extra protection to the box.
  • What do you do if (despite everything) the package does not arrive at its destination in good condition.

Analyze the characteristics of the packaging well before proceeding to the purchase action

Although it seems obvious, it is important to compare different options to be able to choose a packaging that protects your shipments well.

To make the right decision, you must take into account the size of the boxes, the weight, the shape and the fragility of the product that will be housed inside.

If you are going to send products that do not require special protection, we recommend corrugated cardboard boxes.

Add an extra box if you need

There may be several reasons why you think your packaging needs extra protection: 5 keys to good product packaging

  • You send products to distant destinations (for example, to countries outside the European Union) and, at some point, your packaging has suffered damage due to the long journey it has to travel.
  • Your brand is very lively, it is characterized by cheerful and striking colors, and your packaging also includes this design. On some occasions, the logo and printing have deteriorated during shipment, giving a negative.

In these cases, the ideal is to introduce your boxes for products or your postal boxes in a simple box and corrugated cardboard for shipments.

What if you want to continue displaying your company logo? There is no problem. Packhelp shipping boxes can be printed with a design using black water-based ink. 5 keys to good product packaging

You will not lose the visual identity of your brand, the orders will be delivered intact and you will be offering an extra point of security that will make you stand out from competition.

Don’t forget the unboxing experience

Finally, we recommend that you do not lose sight of the design of the box. In previous articles we have told you how much customers appreciate that you personalize the box, even with a minimalist logo or phrase.

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