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3 Free Apps For Content Creation

So I’m a big fan of using technology to make your life easier. In this context, I’m gonna show you 3 apps to help you create great content best of all they are free. Let’s do it. 

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Get 100 content ideas

Does the next question come from Simon who asks still do you use any apps to help you create content? Are there any you suggest I check out? A great question Simon before I answer that I want to let you know Simon and everyone else watching this content and I’ve got a free PDF with 100 content ideas literally. 100 content ideas of things that you could post today. Inspiration for casting nostalgia experience and more you are never going to run out of content ideas ever again.

 I will put a link to that freebie in the description below. Now on the apps, I have a handful of favorite apps tools software programs that I use. These enabled me to be efficient because I create your blocks of content every week. I post at least one YouTube content, I tweet at least twice a day, and I post 3 times a week on my Instagram feed. 

Sometimes I fall behind on that I also post every other day to my Instagram stories. I try to go live once a week, I post on LinkedIn once a week, and I send a weekly email blast.

 I do all of this on my own and it’s a lot lots of apps that I use but today I’m focusing on 3 that are really great and they’re free.

 One honor 

So let’s get started with the first one-act number one honor. This is a great way to quickly acquired your great ideas by transcribing your thoughts or conversations directly from your phone. You see your mind is for generating ideas not necessarily for storing them. How often do we come up with great ideas and then forget them because we don’t write them down?

 Forget no more this app enables you to turn audio into social media content. Your job is to whip out your phone and simply talk out so that you don’t lose those great ideas. This is how I write tweets when I get the idea for something I literally take out my phone quickly open the watercraft and speak it out.

 I’ll give you an example I did a lot of my ideas for relatable shareable realize Asians when I’m sitting at my computer alone reflecting on things like, recently how I like my job when I’m working with nice people. Seriously I’m gonna show you how I write a tweet from this idea. 

Learning to work with someone

There is no amount of money worth learning to work with someone who isn’t nice probably relatable right. That would be a good tweet as an example. So that’s an example of how I can quickly acquire an idea while I’ve got it before it vanishes. This not only works for smaller ideas but I also find it works well for a long-form piece of content as well like a blog post or even an email blast.

 For example one of my recent blog posts is about apps I use for productivity. I want to email my list about this. I can use the author and I can talk it out a little bit like this. Every minute of your day is an opportunity. Recently I’ve been on a mission to feel more ownership over my calendar. If I sleep more it’s because I choose to sleep more, if I’m working on my inbox it’s at a time I’ve chosen, if I’m doing anything is because I’m doing it with 100 percent intention.

 I recognize that I can’t control everything but it sure feels good to maximize every minute of the day to the best of my ability to help you win back minutes of your day and realistically hours of your year.

 I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favorite apps for productivity check them out here so that almost word for word can be sent out as an email blast. Of course, you might change a few things from the transcription editing takes a fraction of the time, and writing from scratch plus you should always be communicating conversational right. Online that honor and I will link to it in the description below.

 Apt number to drop mark

 Moving right along with my second choice apt number to drop mark. This is my favorite tool when it comes to organizing all of your links files and notes into visual collections. It’s similar to other services like Evernote.

 For example but here’s what I lacked, you can tag your content you find it quickly. You can also add websites into folders and ask for websites, not screenshots. you can actually scroll through content without leaving the app.

 It’s perfect to use on your own. It’s also perfect to use as a team. They make it very easy to collaborate or have multiple contributors to your folders. Maybe you’re wondering, how I organize my client.

 Let’s take a look at my own Dr mark and see how that looks I have 12 content pillars so things that people hire me for or ask my advice on. Clinton is one of those I’ve also got positioning identity. I’ll reach photography I used to venture to encompass anything travel-related you don’t necessarily need this money I talk.

 In a lot of scenes this kind of organization will definitely help you in addition to my content pillars. Also say things like testimonials tools worksheets, ideas questions people ask me for content like this speaking topics, and a whole lot more. This way I can access my ideas but also my 18 tier as well at the time of recording his content drop mark is free for their basic plan or it’s $5 a month. 

If you want their team collaboration I think it pays for itself and more I need we need to quickly save things I see or think of in one place for reference and later got strong marks. I will put a link to that tool in the description below.


 Now let’s move on to my final free content creation app. APK. Number 3 answered the public. This free tool gathers online data from auto still in search engines to display keywords and phrases to help you reach more people. Even if you have a pretty good idea of what people are looking for. It’s always a good idea to confirm using a tool like this when you create content using keywords that people are searching for.

 The goal is if they find you your blog posts, podcasts teens, the list goes on this app is fantastic and I’ll show you quickly how it works.

 Simply enter keywords relevant to your industry. I will do personal branding within seconds. It shares phrases queries and more that I can create on specific phrasing that people are entering in the search but I could consider creating I love how it shows everything visually.

 Easy to digest much easier than looking at a spreadsheet with literally hundreds of phrases. Here are ideas for podcast blog posts, titles and the list goes on. If anything you’re gonna have too many good ideas which I think is a good problem to have you’re welcome.

Wrapping Up

 These are my 3 free apps for content creation. Now you will never be tired of wondering what or how to post online again I mentioned earlier. And I’ll mention it again I’ve got a free PDF with 100 evergreen content ideas things that you could post today.

 The link to that downloads and description is below as well There is an online course called content mastery. Which teaches you in detail how to use your content creation with the workflow. You can actually stick with lifetime access to 20 easy-to-follow contents tutorials templates and more copies.

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