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14 Tips For Pandemic Appropriate Low Key Celebration At Home

Since the pandemic is still looming over us, going low key with important cultural festivals is the need of the hour. The official third wave of the pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt to indoor celebrations but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to say goodbye to the fun. Here are a few tips that could help you celebrate Basant Panchami with zeal and excitement while staying at home(gift).

Starting the day early always works

Get up early. As Basant Panchami is marked as a celebration to prepare for the arrival of spring after long winter spells, early risers get to experience nature at its best with warm sun rays and melodious birds.

Rejuvenating bath with traditional turmeric paste

Don’t just look out for regular breakfast options after getting up on this day. Take an early bath with traditional Haldi (turmeric paste ). According to legends, Basant Panchami is celebrated to honour Goddess Saraswati. It is believed that her favourite colour is yellow. So this traditional paste is a way of honouring the goddess. Plus Haldi is proven to have medicinal value in healing skin problems.

Adorn yourself anything yellow

Wear clean yellow clothes. The best way to stay close to your roots is by wearing traditional clothes at cultural festivals. Plan your outfits a couple of days before, shop if you must. You can even experiment with Indo western outfits in various shades of yellow.

Give a hand in decorating the house

Contribute to the festival by helping your family prepare for the rituals and puja. Basant Panchami is the day when people devote themselves to the worship of the Goddess of education and all art forms, Saraswati. The puja is the main element of the festival. Make sure you work and learn about the rich Indian cultural diversity.

Order in delicious Indian sweets for puja

Prasad or the blessed food presented as offerings to the Goddess is an important element for almost all Hindu Puja. One can say puja is incomplete without prasad. Make sure you ping trusted shops to get home delivery of delicious traditional sweets made with pure ghee. Just like you order cake online in noida, you can get express last minute delivery(gift).

Immerse in traditional puja & rituals

India boasts of rich cultural heritage. Thank your stars for being a part of this diverse nation. Take pride in celebrating pious religious festivals which unifies masses.

Binge eat traditional homemade cuisines

The best part about festivals has to be traditional home-cooked delicacies. Eat until your heart is full of joy.

Lend ear to anecdotes & cultural tales

Festivals bring together a stranded family. It is the best time to sit with your elders while they verbally pass down words of wisdom and enjoyable anecdotes.

Invite close friends/colleagues /acquaintances for darshan & prasad

Though a muted celebration, you can always extend an invitation to important people. Let them come over for some good old hospitality with prasad and darshan of the divine idol(gift).

Spend time with family & close relatives

Spend quality time with your relatives and folks. This could be a great opportunity to connect with your family and share memorable moments with them.

Surprise everyone with a unique Thandai cake

Although this is a traditional festival, surprise everyone with a delicious Thandai cake from a best cake shop bangalore. Cakes have come a long way from being just a birthday treat to a showstopper on every occasion.

Go for an evening stroll with cousins or partner

Instead of dozing off after having a gala meal, go for an evening stroll with your favourite cousins and enjoy the surreal view of fleeting winter evenings.

Be on time for evening arati

Pray to the divine deity for the gift of universal rationality and knowledge while evening arati.

Plan fun game night or movie night with family

Now that the puja part is over, plan some fun activities with your family like a game night or movie night to have a perfect ending to the day.

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