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10 Tips for Teen Girls to Look Fabulous in Ethnic Wear

When it appears to be celebrating culture, a mix of modern and old things is a great way to go. And it’s not always easy to look great at school while wearing ethnic clothing with style and comfort.

But you can squeeze off whatever ethnic outfit you have as well as look ready for school with the approach applied to your dressing sense, accessories, and makeup. 

If you’re a teenage girl who cares about fashion and wants to always look her best, especially when you’re wearing ethnic clothes, here are 10 tips you can use to look fabulous.

1. Make sure your ethnic clothing collection is up to date.

Ethnic clothes are always changing. India has a lot of different kinds of people, and this is beautifully shown in its traditional clothing (Nanda and Kantha, 2016). 

For people who like to dress in ways that are both trendy and traditional, it’s important to keep some trendy ethnic clothes in your closet. This is particularly true if you like to wear your traditional dress to school or to special events. 

With up-to-date ethnic clothing, you can always look stylish and chic. Just make sure you have the right casual hair, makeup, and accessories to go with it.

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2. Put a jacket on top of your traditional outfit.

You can also make your ethnic clothing look more casual by putting a jacket over it. A formal vest can both dress up your outfit and reduce it so you look more put together for a crowded day at school. You can also try on different jackets or suit jackets to see which one goes best with your ethnic clothes.

3.Buy a piece of ethnic clothing that fits your shape.

Choosing clothes that are flattering on you is the key to feeling pretty. These ethnic clothes come in different cuts, styles, and prints, so you might want to try them on first to see if they look good on you. Spend your cash on clothes that make you feel good about yourself. 

So, regardless of how full your day is, you won’t have to worry about what you’re wearing while you’re studying.

4. Choose a dress made of a good material.

The fabric of your ethnic wear can also change how it looks as a whole. Still, when it comes to clothes for school, you should choose fabrics that are more casual than fancy. Look for clothes that are made of fabrics that feel good against your skin and won’t irritate or itch. Also, don’t wear clothes with shiny or glittery fabrics, or you might look like you’re going to a party instead of school.

5. Put on brightly colored clothing

Bright-colored clothes stand out and can help make you feel better. Most ethnic clothes are made in bright colors because they are usually worn on special occasions. So, if you want to show how proud you are of your heritage and ethnicity, wear traditional clothes in bright colors.

This will make you feel better and make the people around you feel better, too. Just try to turn down the spectral range so you don’t look like a rainbow on the move.

6. Dress it up with appropriate accessories.

As you all know how hard it can be to be a student (dissertationproposal, 2020). When you wear ethnic clothes, you don’t want to look too ethnic. Choose the right accessories to make your ethnic clothes look great. If your attire already has a lot of color, try to tone it down with simple accessories. 

Make your outfit look more put together by matching your accessories and making sure they are the same color as your clothes. Keep in mind that you still want to look casual for a day at school, not like you’re going to a party, so don’t look too dressed up.

7. Experiment with various haircut styles.

You can select from different kinds, cuts, and designs of ethnic clothing as mentioned in marketing dissertation topics of some online shop marketing business strategies. If you want to be certain that your ethnic garments can be worn to school, buy clothing that appears less fancy and simpler. Go for ethnic garments that are made for everyday wear and won’t make it hard for you to move around.

8. Put your hair in the right way.

Your hair is the best thing about you. People always notice how you style your hair, no matter what you wear. So, to get the most out of your ethnic clothes, make sure you choose a haircut that goes with your whole look and is easy to manage. 

You wouldn’t want to arrange your hair in a way that makes it hard to fix if it gets mucked up at the office. Go for what works best before anything else. Even if you wear traditional clothes to work, you are still heading for an office look.

9. Apply only a small amount of makeup.

One mistake you don’t want to make is to look too put together for a day at school. Even if you’re wearing traditional clothes, you should still wear light makeup that doesn’t make you appear like you’re attending a party. 

You should aspire for makeup that is light and simple, something that looks nice but isn’t too much. Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing that makeup all day, so you may want to be gentle with your skin.

10. Don’t wear clothes that show too much.

Even if you can wear an ethnic gown to work, you should still wear something that a college student would wear. So, don’t wear ethnic clothing that has a reduced back or cleavage, is too short or long, has high slits, a midriff, or anything else that shows far too much skin or makes it hard to move. 

Don’t forget that you’re wearing your ethnic clothes to school, so think about how appropriate each outfit is.



Some traditional clothes mentioned in fashion dissertation topics have extra features like dangles or other things that hang down. Clothes like that are fine for parties, but if you dress them up for school, you might make a fashion faux pas. Since you will be working all day, anything that hangs loosely could get caught on something and ruin your outfit.


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