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10 Must-Have Tools For Electricians

Undoubtedly, electricians have a tough job. This is a job that requires safety, accuracy, and efficiency. For example, you buy fashion accessories online to complete your look; in the same way, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal. Just make sure they are kept safe.

Investing in a great tool kit is important for any electrician. Electricians need high-quality, long-lasting tools they can rely on. Investing in the right tools will help you to be a good electrician. Here are the tools that every electrician should have. 

Tools That Every Electrician Should Have 

Buy a Voltage Tester

By using a voltage tester, you can make sure your equipment is functioning properly. A voltage tester also maintains the safety of a circuit. Before working with switches, cabling, junction boxes, or other areas where a live current may be present, electricians must check that there is no voltage present. The tool will light up if there is an electrical current, signaling that it needs to be turned off. There are a number of reliable and safe options in the market for buying voltage testers. Electrical tools from popular brands are safe and reasonably priced.

Get Pliers

An electrician’s tool belt should contain pliers – often called cutting pliers or lineman’s pliers. The main purpose of these tools is to cut wire or to grip, bend, twist, or straighten the wire. Any electrician will carry pliers such as needle nose pliers, long nose pliers, and side-cutting pliers to tighten lock nuts, fittings, and caps. In addition, electrical technicians use special pliers for splicing wires and stripping insulation. The most popular pliers for this task are linesman pliers. By cutting through the insulation of an electrical cable, you can expose the bare wire inside by stripping off a short segment. 

Purchase Screwdrivers

In order to loosen and fasten various pieces of hardware, electricians use high-quality insulated screwdrivers. Electrical maintenance professionals carry screwdrivers with interchangeable bits to ensure they never get stuck without the right tool. Electricians carry screwdrivers to remove and install cover plates, outlets, switches, and many other devices. Make sure you have several different-length screwdrivers. Additionally, a screwdriver with an insulating rubber jacket on the handle makes electrical work much safer.

Tape Measure

For accurate cutting and stripping of wiring, precise measurements are essential. Electricians can streamline the process of cutting and stripping by using a retractable tape measure with magnetic tips, multi-step locks, or other features. The standard tape measure has an important place in all field measurements, such as setting switches and outlets, lining up lighting fixtures, and marking surfaces for cuts. There will be a lot of measures to do that will require a decent tape measure. First, make sure it has a heavy-duty blade. Finding a ceiling’s center is easy with that tool. 

Magnetic Wrist Band

A magnetic Wrist Band is really helpful for holding small metal objects. These bands are comfortable to wear and are long-lasting. You don’t have to search for small tools in your tool kit. Hence, it will help you increase your efficiency. They are ideal for holding screws, bolts, nails, drill bits, and washers. These tools won’t fall off the wristband while working. With the help of magnetic tool holder wristband electricians also feel free while performing different tasks and do not need to hold their tools in hands or their pockets.

Electrical Tape

This insulating tape is economical and has excellent moisture, abrasion, and corrosion resistance. Electrical wires, other materials that conduct electricity, and minor repairs to damaged wires can be insulated. Vinyl has excellent elongation properties, which is why electrical tape use this material in the making of tape. Additionally, you can also use it to secure bundles of wire. The electrical tape is pressure sensitive which is essential for insulating wires or other materials that conduct electricity. You may be electrocuted if you touch live wires while wearing electrical tape. The electrical tape prevents electrical currents from passing accidentally to other wires.


An assortment of spanners is a necessity. It is one of the most versatile and useful tools for an electrician. In addition to loosening or tightening nuts and bolts, you can use it as a clamp, grip, or even a lever in an emergency. The market has so many safe options of spanners for you that are versatile, sturdy, and affordable. To ensure a close fit between the head of the spanner and the fixture, there are many different sizes of bolts and nuts available. When it comes to achieving a tight grip, size is equally important. So keep every size on hand.

Wire Strippers 

Wire strippers are portable handheld tools, and generally, electricians and other workers use them to remove the protective coating from electric wires when replacing or repairing them. Also, it can strip the ends of electric cables to connect them to other cables or terminals. Electricians also use these tools to remove the outer sheath from cables so they can crimp the terminals or connectors to the central core. They can also use these strippers to cut the wires. Electricians and other professionals often consider wire strippers to be important tools.


Hacksaws are essential tools for electricians. These fine-toothed saws have blades that are primarily for cutting metal. An adjustable frame between the head of the saw and the pistol grip handle holds the thin blades. Despite the possibility of breaking or becoming blunt, these blades are easily replaceable. A full-sized hacksaw usually has a 12-inch blade.

On the other hand, Junior hacksaws are typically smaller and have finer teeth for improved precision. A hacksaw is also capable of cutting plastic and wood. For instance, plumbers and electricians use them to cut plastic pipe and conduit.


With these tools, by your side you can easily give attention to your work without any hassles. The main reason why you should also have these tools with you is basically to ensure the safety and accuracy of your work.

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