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10 Most Thrilling Roblox Games For 2022

If you’re having trouble finding terrifying Roblox games, this list of the best may help. Multiplayer Roblox games are also available. One of the most well-known online game platforms and game development tools called Roblox, which enables users to create games and play games made by others.

The scary Roblox game genre has recently gained popularity, so if you’re having trouble discovering horror games on Roblox, this list of the top scariest and most terrifying Roblox games may of help. These spooky Roblox games are also enjoyable in a group setting.

Best Roblox Horror Games / Scary Roblox Games

1. Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn

Slenderman is an Internet monster that first appeared in 2009 on a message board. He is also the inspiration for Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn, one of the scariest games on Roblox.

The multiplayer horror Roblox game by Zoidberg656 and captainjet2c drenched in darkness. The main design components of Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn are blood, gore, jump scares, and disturbing moments. You must investigate, endure the hostile environment, and discover the hidden pages along the route in order to advance.

The game will surely become quite spooky if headphones are plugged in.

2. A Wolf Or Other

The multiplayer terrifying game on Roblox called A Wolf Or Other can frighten you if you grew up hearing werewolf horror stories.

In the famous murder mystery game designed by Otter Space, players are randomly assigned to either the victim, a hunter, or a werewolf. Players who represent the innocent must withstand werewolf assaults and maintain their life for as long as they can. The hunter, armed with a crossbow, must kill the werewolf and defend the helpless. The werewolf is also expected to kill everybody he comes across.

3. Alone In A Dark House

Alone In A Dark House will astonish you if you enjoy playing Roblox RPG games. A private detective must look into crimes in various tiny communities in the horror Roblox game. Surprisingly, up to twenty different participants can participate in the game. Alone In A Dark House is very well-liked among Roblox users thanks to little things like grotesque graphics, terrifying sound effects, and an interesting story.

We suggest playing the game alone in a dark setting if you want to really experience it.

4. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

What Roblox game is the scariest, exactly? is unique to each player, but The Haunted Imperial Hotel is the one for me.

Imperial Hotel, also known as the “gateway to hell,” was once a valuable piece of real estate. The Imperial Hotel was the site of numerous demonic rituals before Halloween 2009 abandoned.

Large portions of the hotel, which occupied by numerous people, collapsed as far as 30 meters into the ground due to an unexplained natural occurrence. The Hotel abandoned after the incident, and it is still sinking into the ground.

5. Zombie Attack

A traditional zombie survival game might not appear terrible at first, but wenlocktoad versus Indra’s author turned Zombie Attacks into one of the most frightful games on Roblox.

Like in many other zombie survival games, you must work together with your pals to defeat the difficult zombie waves.

You can get awards and experience points by eliminating boss and uncommon zombies. New tasks and weapons become available as you advance.

Formerly you pass away, you reappear as a zombie, and the other players who were once your allies become your foes.

6. Dead Silence

One of the top multiplayer horror games on Roblox called Dead Silence. Dead Silence only supports a maximum of three people, however playing it by yourself makes it especially spooky.

You are given the role of an investigator in this game who must learn everything there is to know about Mary Shaw. Now, you uncover more mysteries about Mary Shaw as you go along. And you might meet Mary Shaw after completing the eerie Roblox game or come to the conclusion that she isn’t a real person.

7. Project Lazarus: Zombies

The development of the video game Project Lazarus: Zombies inspired by the long-standing connection between horror and zombies.

Project Lazarus: Zombies, developed by logitech101, is mostly based on Call of Duty’s zombie mode. You are a member of a group of survivors, much like in Zombie Attack, and you must protect yourself from the never-ending waves of zombies in order to survive.

By eliminating zombies, one can gain points that can then used to buy weapons. Working together is key to defeating the zombie hordes.

8. Bear Alpha

The game is still in the Alpha stage, as its name would imply, and Cheedaman is still polishing it. One of the spookiest Roblox multiplayer games on Xbox is Bear Alpha.

Ten people participate in the game Bear Alpha, and one of them is chosen at random to a bear while the others are survivors.

The bear’s main goal is to eliminate every survivor in a five-minute window. The bear has various advantages when it comes to locomotion over survivors.

The game’s eerie music and gloomy, red-accented setting add to its unsettling atmosphere.

9. Horror Elevator

Another extremely spooky short game on Roblox called Horror Elevator. Horror Elevator, developed by MrBoxz, offers one of the most original gaming mechanics.

The elevator can stop on any floor, and each floor has its own unique killers and scary aspects. You need to prepared to fend off killers at all times if you want to survive. This game is always getting new floors and murderers, which keeps it interesting.

Horror Elevator is made creepier with ominous visuals and music.

10. The Mirror

The Mirror is an intriguing single-player psychological horror game, despite coming in last on the list.

The video game, created by Egroce, resembles a mirror and shows unsettling images. Unfortunately, the mirror still functions even with the lights off.

The game’s creator claims that it based on actual psychological processes. Once more, playing the game alone and in a dark setting gives you the finest experience.


These were the top horror Roblox games, all of them are well worth playing. Please submit your personal picks for the running games like geometry dash in the comments area below.

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